Saturday, October 8, 2011

Anthropologie Fitting Room Reviews- Fall 2011 Sweaters

 Decisively Textured Pullover by Moth. Size X-Small.
I was eyeing this one online, and was happy to find it in stores. It is sold out online in the smaller sizes.  This was an X-Small, but I would buy the Small, in order to layer under it. This might read a typical striped sweater, but this has an interesting texture to it. (Hence the name?)  I really liked this- and wish it had gone to sale this week!
 Autumn Leaves Top by Sparrow. Size X-Small.
If you liked the Neo-Refinement sweater, you will love this one. I it fits exactly the same, just in a pattern instead of solid colors. Unfortunately, the same reason that caused me to pass on that one makes me pass on this. I can't get myself used to the asymmetrical top.  Call me a little OCD? I could not wait to get it off. Not because it is not beautiful (and looking at the pictures, I can see that.), but because as much as I played with it, I never could get it to feel right. And that would drive me crazy.

 Floating Chrysalis Cowlneck. Size Small.
I reached for this sweater because I was intrigued by it online. I feel like there are some things Anthropologie puts out that can only be decided by trying it on in person. This was definitely one of those. The SA brought this Tokonoma Tee, which I tried on previously here. In person, it is just as beautiful. I like this color the best of the three, but it is also ridiculously huge, and very itchy. You could work around this by wearing a full lenght shirt under it, if you fall in love. I am going to keep this on my wishlist, and reconsider later.

 Liasis Cardigan by Monogram. Size X-Small.
This was all alone on the rack, and when I asked for a Small to try for comparison, the SA reminded me that it was online only. This was a lone return.
I loved this sweater. It feels like a blazer, but really soft and has a lot of give.  I would order the Small, but part of me wishes I had just gone ahead with this one. Especially looking at the pictures.
This has double button closure, and the buttons were tight, and intact. Considering I have tried on tons of other jackets with similar styles, I was surprised by the quality. I honestly thought it was a LiaMolly at first, it is that kind of craftsmanship and color quality.
I know this looks funny over my shirt I was wearing- I would definitely style it differently.

Please help me find the name of this, because I really loved it, and want to add it to my wardrobe. I have looked high and low, even going back a few months in the catalogs, and can't find it. This was very soft, and has endless styling possibilities.

Amrita Cardigan by Tiny. Size X-Small.
I tried on this cardigan for the sweet Alicia of Virginia Living. I don't know if this fits the bill for the brown cardi need, but it sure is pretty. It was very soft, true to size, and very comfy. I thought the back detail was such a nice touch, and this comes in two colors. This is a knit, not a sweater, so it is lightweight.

Tizoc Pullover by Moth. Size Small.
This was on the mannequin in the dressing room with jeans and these little beauties, and I had to try it on. (I tried to get the shoes too, but they couldn't find them anywhere.)
I wanted to take this right home with me, but Susan reasoned it out with me. It will go on sale, and I will get it then. This is total love for me.  The colors are vibrant and fun, but it is comfy casual. I wanted to try on the X-Small for comparison, but they only had the bigger sizes.  In the end, I think I would go with the Small.

Here is another one I saw a couple of days ago, and now I can't find. I LOVED this sweater. This is a large, and it was the last one (which might explain why I can't find it.)  I wish I had pulled the trigger, but I really wanted to try a smaller size. If you know this one, help me out. :)

Haida Poncho by Pendleton. Size XS/S.
I grabbed this just to review, since it is from the Pendleton collection. It comes in two sizes, and is very nicely made. It is not my style, but I really liked it. The tied waist gives more definition than your typical poncho, and it is a great quality.  I also liked the unusual color.

Neo-Jaquard Pullover by Charlie & Robin. Size Small.
This little gem was suggested by my SA, and I am so glad she pointed it out to me.  I love the geometric pattern, and the whole thing is soft and beautiful. This sweater is running very small compared to other Anthro brands. I have the Small on in these pics, but would even consider going up one more size to purchase. Wishlisted.

Crumpled Placket Cardi by Left Coast. Size X-Small.
I really loved this cardi. For some reason, I am heavily drawn to this seasons longer offerings. A maxi skirt or dress like I have on would be perfect, but I also think this would be so pretty with leggings and a tunic top. This comes in two colors and is true to size. I have wishlisted both colors.
The End. :)
(Skirts and Pants up next.)

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