Saturday, October 8, 2011

Anthropologie Fitting Room Reviews- Fall 2011 Pants & Jeans

 AG Stevie Cords in Grey. Sizes 28 & 29.
I tried these in two sizes. The first two pics are a 28, and the next two are size 29. I had to trouble pulling on and buttoning the 28, but the butt felt really tight, and I am degrading myself to put pics on the internet of just how much junk I actually have in my trunk, but you can see the pulling in the thigh area in the first two. The 29 are longer, but gave me more seat room.  If you are straighter, you can go with your normal size. These did have a little bit of give, and I feel like they may stretch a little throughout the day.  They were very comfortable and soft.

 Colloquium Trousers by Paperboy by G1. Size 4.
These trousers come in this gorgeous orange as well as navy, but the orange is what drew me in.  These are perfect! They are fully lined, so no itchiness, and I love the length. They are cropped like the Dixie Trousers.  I will be snatching these up.
 Stitching Time Loungers by Alihop. Size Small.
I love Anthro pj's and wanted to take a minute to try on the Quacker Loungers (seen below), so I grabbed a few pair to try. These are super comfy, and just the type of thing I like to look for in the sale room. I love the waist, a wider elastic band. TTS in your lounge sizing.
 Quacking Up Loungers by Porridge. Size Small.
I want these in the worst way. They are too cute to be left alone! I tried on the small and that is what I will go with the minute they go on sale! Wishlisted.

 Dots on Dark Loungers by Lilka. Size Small.
I picked these up thinking they might work as just comfy everyday pants, with a cute sweater, but now I can't decide. Do these look baggy in the seat?  Maybe I should size down to an X-Small and see how that looks?  I love the comfort and quality. They are very cute.

 Consonant Wide Legs by Elevenses. Size 6 (i think).
I can't remember exactly what size these were, but they didn't do anything for me. I go to Anthropologie for the unusual and whimsical, and these ain't it! :) They are very good quality, but the fit left something to be desired on me, just accentuated my tummy area. Pass (big time.)

Pilcro Stet Slim Straight. Size 28.
I tried these on after seeing Roxy's reviews of the Pilcro's. Again, I usually go for the unusual and buy my jeans at Gap, but I am sold on jeans at Anthro. I picked up the AG Farrah Skinnies on this trip, and now I have added these to my wishlist as well. They fit perfectly and were so comfy I wanted to wear them right out of the store. If you have not tried on Pilcro, get to Anthro right away! :)

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