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Anthropologie Fitting Room Reviews- Fall 2011 Tops

Mirrored Deer Tee by One September. Size Small.
I loved this tee. It was on my wishlist and I was hoping to try it on, since it is such a loose top. I asked for an X-Small to try, but the only sizes they had were Small and Medium.  I hope to use this as a layering tee with things like the Arched Pleats Pullover shown below.  I would definitely size down to buy. The only down side I found with this top is that the bottom edge is unfinished, and it was fraying. As someone who has a basic sewing knowledge, I find this annoying. This is something I would do if I were being lazy, and not wanting to take the time to finish all edges. Plus, if you pulled one thread, it would just keep pulling.  I love artsy and unusual, but this just reads sloppy.  My husband is a hunter (big time!), so he loves this top, and he would be thrilled if I wore it. ;)
Arched Pleats Pullover. Size X-Small.
This would work better over the tee if the tee were one size down or the pullover one size up. But since this was all they had, I went with it. Mostly to see if it worked for ordering online.  I really love it. But I love it even more with the scarf shown below that my SA added to the room. I would reach for this entire ensemble ALL. THE. TIME.  I could also see this pullover on dresses and skirts.
Entwined Intarsia Loop Scarf by Cecilia Prado.

Twin Tiered Top by Deletta. Size X-Small.
This top was a little snug in the belly, but I can't decide if I would size up, since I think I would end up tucking it in to style.  This is a perfect example of Deletta craftsmanship. The print is interesting and beautiful, and the layered shoulder detail adds just the perfect touch. This is a heavier shirt, not a lightweight t-shirt. It feels more like a sweater on, but is soft and comfy knit. The shoulder detail would perfectly balance out a flared skirt or someone who is trying to balance a wider hip.  I think this makes a very nice hourglass shape, even with these pants. (I will talk more about them in the bottoms reviews.)

Gossamer Birch Shell by Yoana Baraschi. Size X-Small.
I tried both colors, because to me, they read totally different. This is perfectly true to size. If you are busty, go up one size, but the cut will still give you a nice small waist. I am wearing these with my own black tank underneath. I think it would have been a nice touch to have added a removable undertank with this top. (The price allows for that little detail.) That being said, I understand why they did not. The look can be changed so much by what is underneath.  I love both colors- rich, beautiful hues of blue and red. Not sure if I can decide which I like better.
The quality is solid, but remember, this is a lace top. It is a good weight and stayed in place, but might pull if you are not cautious.
Building Blocks Top by Waverly Grey. Size X-Small.
The SA added this to my room, so I honestly don't remember any of the details of this top. It is an interesting basic, but a total pass for me.  However, I do like what Waverly Grey is adding to Anthropologie, and did pick up a tank by this designer at a different location.

Roe Habitat Blouse by Anna Sui for Anthropologie. Size 4.
I took a close-up photo of the closure, because it thought it was a beautiful detail. It is a snap/zip/button closure, and I appreciate these kinds of touches.
This caught my eye from across the store, and I practically ran to it.  The print is whimsical and perfect for the cut of the top. The waist runs a little high, so petite girls should love it. I tried a 4, but would like to have seen a 6 on me as well, since I have a long torso. Not sure if sizing up would make the waist too big. The quality is amazing, and is a perfect example of Anna Sui's designs.

Noriko Blouse by Edme & Esyllte. Size 4.
I would like to try this on in a 2, but I love it. The print is interesting- I love the print mix. I found it comfortable, and perfect for layering. I don't think it will hang around long for fall, since it s a lightweight top.

Orissa Blouse by Vineet Bahl. Size X-Small.
This was a, "Eh, what the heck." grab for me, but I thought it was kind cool on. The SA said no one is trying it on (soooo, it will make it to sale?!), but those who do, end up really liking it. WAY over priced, but interesting detail.
Vanda Scoopneck by Postmark. Size Small.
Postmark knocks it out of the park again. I loved this top. It was super comfy, but I love the flower detail. This could totally be incorporated easily into my "mom uniform". :) It is sheer, but I tend to wear tanks or cami's anyway, so I have no problem with this. Very lightweight, but could be easily layered. Worn with jeans and skirts. Stick with your regular size on this one.

Worsted Tunic by Pendleton. Size Small.
So I think you can guess that I was swept away by the Pendleton collection at Anthro.  This tunic was also a love for me.  I is snap-front, but also has side tabs that snap to loosen or cinch the waist.  I like the mandarin collar and the length makes it perfect for boot cut jeans, skinnies or leggings.  Great top! I sized up one size to avoid it being tight on the chest.

Crossweave Tank by Porridge. Size X-Small.
I tried this on a whim, and you can see it is over my tank I came in the store wearing. I would just wear a strapless bra and not layer this, but I think it could still work. I love this tank. The back detail is interesting, and it comes in two colorways. It feels more spring/summer to me, but it would layer very nicely, with a solid or contrast cardi.  maybe a plaid like the Liasis Cardigan. True to size, I think.

Quisqualis Peasant Top by Ailanto. Size 2.
I sized down one size, due to the blousy nature of the cut. I am glad I did, because it make the shoulders perfect, but still kept it loose. I really loved this blouse, but the price is so high, I just can't even believe it.  This has since gone to sale, but it is still $150. Again, I love this designer, but can't justify the price for the materials used. This would have to go to super sale for me, as much as I love it.

Lemon Lift-Off Blouse by Girls From Savoy. Size 4.
This was a size 4, and I got it on fine, but the girls were snug, so I would size up one size.  This is showing sold out online, but there were plenty in stores, and I think this will come back to popbacks on the site. This was whimsical, but easy to style. There are so many ways to wear it, this justifies the purchase. Unfortunately, this just fell into the category of I found TOO many things to love on one trip. Quite the opposite than usual lately.  Give this one a try.
Ruffled Shell by Lil. Size 4.
I found this true to size on the bust I am smallish, so if you are busty at all, go up one. The sash will still cinch the waist. I saw both colors, but I loved the red. As you can see, this looks great with jeans, but I have tons of skirts this would work with as well. The ones I looked at had been steamed, and I didn't pay attention to wrinkling, but I think this would be like any shell of this type (rayon), you would have to press or steam. I noticed that in a few reviews people noticed the wrinkling.

That's all for tops. Did you have a favorite?
Up next? Sweaters! :)

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