Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Anthropologie Fitting Room Reviews- Fall 2011 Pt. 3

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Today is Tops and Sweaters. Here we go:

 Twisted Ascot Tee by Postmark. Size Small.  I have been waiting FOREVER to try this on, so when I saw it on the table, I pulled three colors. I grabbed the X-Small and the Small in all three. I ended up liking the Small the best. I felt the X-Small was a little short, and I wanted to be able to tuck these into pants and skirts.  I love the fabric, soft and comfy. The "ascot" part lays right and is not overwhelming. These are great basics.  I will be grabbing all four colorways at sale.  Highly recommended. The only reason I didn't get them Saturday is because I could not narrow down which color is the best.  I loved them all!
 Passerine Tee by One September. Size X-Small. This is yet another one of those very blousy tee's Anthro seems overly fond of. But I didn't mind it in this case. I grabbed it on a whim, but I really liked it.  I am not sure about these blouses on me, since I usually stick to fitted profiles.  The top is soft, and easy to wear.  I am just on the fence about it.  The print is beautiful. Not over the top.  This whole pairing could be a beautiful and easy go-to.

 Ryukyu Blouse by Maeve. Size 4. I picked this up because I wanted to try the pants on with a print top. I ended really liking it.  Loose and flowy without feeling like it is going to fall off or show any treasures. I think the sizing is accurate. So stick with your regular size on this one.  Overall, very beautiful. (Of course, I am a sucker for anything bird related...)

 Felted Colorbar Cardigan by Charlie and Robin. Size Small. I really liked this cardi, but I didn't love it.  There are two colorways, and I like this one the best. It fit well, and was interesting. You would need to wear something under it on the arms, as it is wool, and would be itchy. I do like that it is hand wash, not dry clean. Those things do make a different to me. This is another wait and see. Size up one size to have layering potential.

 Traveled Paths Cardigan by Sparrow. Size X-Small.
I wanted to take this home with me right away, I loved it so much!  I was VERY soft and fit perfectly. It has tons of potential. This is another example of why I don't want to only shop online. I never noticed it on the web site, but walked straight to it in the store.  I am keeping a close eye on this one!

Thousand Carat Pullover by Moth. Size Small. I don't see this color online, but in the store they had the orange and the cream colors on the same display.  I threw this on over the Twisted Ascot Tee, since it was so sheer, so you would get a different effect with a cami or tank.  This was another like, not love. Beth liked it better on me than I did. But I tend think I don't look great in cream or white.  I feel like it washes me out. However, this does have lots of potential. I may try again with a tank under it and a skirt for the bottom.  I think this runs a little smaller than the sweaters Anthro has been putting out lately (which is a blessing!)  I pulled both colors, but liked the cream the best.

Orenburg Pullover by Knitted & Knotted. Size Small (I think). The design of this sweater is absolutely gorgeous. Just not on me. I loved it all the way up until I put it on. I think my body type is just not suited to these types of sweaters. However, if you are interested in it, you should definitely try it.  It is classic, and I love the color and texture.

Banded Ripples Tee by Bordeaux. Size X-Small. I "wowed" when I got this on. Only picked it up to try with the jeans. Well I ended up wanting the whole outfit. My husband is always teasing me, "Why can't you just wear jeans and a t-shirt?!" I think this fits the bill!  It came home with me.  There are three colors online, and I like all three. I kept the purple because I don't buy a lot of purple.  I also thought this would look nice with the fitted waist tucked into a skirt.  There is a bit of a twist at the waistband, which keeps it from being a boring basic.
Sidebent Tank. Size X-Small. I loved this, and now looking at the pictures, wish I had gone ahead and picked it up.  The price is right for such a versatile top, and I don't have anything this color. True to size. Comes in multiple colors.

Tokonoma Tee by Maeve. Size 2. I tried this on at Beth's suggestion, and I am so glad I did. I was surprised how much I liked it. Size way down on this one. It is big! I tried the 0 and the 2 in this.

Antiquarian Blouse by Maple. Size 4. I thought this was interesting, but was unsure about how it would fit when I picked it up. I ended up LOVING it. I think it picks up a pretty great retro vibe. The back is interesting but not trashy. I like that the buttons on the front can be unbuttoned to be as high or low as you want.  I was crazy about this top.

Bojagi Pullover by Postmark. Size X-Small. I really liked this.  It comes in several colors, but the colors are ones I don't need, so I passed on this, but it is a very pretty basic. Fit is true to size. You may want to size up for tucking and blousy-ness.

That's all for this post. Anything you like/hate?

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