Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Not Your Mother's Track Pants

I was challenged at work to style the latest GAP arrival: the track pant. Of course, I happily rose to the challenge. And I'd figured I share my ideas with you.
This is a mixture of Gap clothing, and my own personal items.
What I came in wearing.
J Crew Factory Button Down
J Crew Factory Printed Shorts (Similar)
Seychelles Sandals
Stacked Bracelets (Similar, Similar)
J Crew Factory Button Down (my own)
Gap Modal Cropped Pant
Gap Classic Blazer (Black)
Nine West Pump (my own)
Gap Scarf
Gap Bag
Gap Colorblock Track Pant (grey heather)
Gap Essentials V-Neck T
Gap Classic Blazer (navy)
Anthropologie Stacked Strap Heels (similar)
J Crew Factory Tortoise Necklace (similar, similar)
Gap Colorblock Track Pant (grey heather)
Ann Taylor Poplin Blazer (similar, similar)
Gap Roll Cuff Tee (similar)
Gap Leather Satchel
Banana Republic Calf Hair Pumps
Gap Colorblock Track Pant (charcoal heather)
GapBody V-Neck (black)
Gap 1969 Denim Jacket
Anthropologie Within The Lines Heels (similar)
Anthropologie Within The Lines Heels
Gap Colorblock Track Pant (charcoal heather)
Gap Textural Stripe Scarf
Anthropologie Karo Tee
Gap Western Popover Shirt
J Crew Tortoise Cuff (similar, similar, love this)
Anthropologie Within The Lines Heels
Gap Colorblock Track Pant (charcoal heather)
Anthropologie Karo Tee
Gap Western Popover Shirt
Frye Cuff (wrap style, similar)
Gap Colorblock Track Pant (charcoal heather)
Gap Pointelle Stripe Sweater
Gap Fitted Boyfriend Chambray
Gap Leather Satchel
Anthropologie Stacked Strap Heel
J Crew Tortoise Necklace (similar)
Gap Zip Pocket Track Pant (grey)
Gap Quilted Moto Jacket
Gap Pure Body Tee
Gap Leather Tote
Nine West Pump (similar)
Anthropologie Earrings (similar)
Gap Zip Pocket Track Pant (navy)
Gap Fluid V-Neck
Bass Elly Shoe
Gap Colorblock Track Pant (charcoal heather)
Gap Pure Body V-Neck
J Crew Merino Cardigan
Nine West Pump
Gap Colorblock Track Pant (charcoal heather)
J Crew Button Down (similar)
GapKids Warmest Vest
Nine West Pumps
Gap Colorblock Track Pant (charcoal heather)
What do you think of the track pant trend? I've seen them everywhere lately. Would you wear them?

Thursday, August 21, 2014

A Quick Catch Up

Since I talked to you last, we had:
A graduation.

A move.
Another graduation.
A vacation.

 A 20th anniversary.
A reunion.

Princess Anne High School (went to school with Pharrell)

 Visited family and friends in Virginia Beach.

 Visited friends in Charlottesville.

Toured the Hermitage in Nashville.

And started a new school year with only two kids in school!
How was your summer?

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Closet Cleanout 2014

Quick post to get going on listing some of my closet clean out items right away.
See something you like? Make me an offer. I'm ready to let go.
Paypal only.
(Side note: I resigned my position at work, and will be back at home more, so more blogging! I have many thoughts, and am excited about some changes to the atmosphere around here. Thoughts? Email me!)
Lili's Closet Ihrin Shirt Dress, Anthropologie
Size 4
I replaced the hidden faulty snaps in the closure, so they are secure. Fits true to size. Worn once. Carefully cleaned once.

Floreat Cold Climate Dress, Anthropologie
Size 6
Dry Cleaned and worn once.

Maeve Gathered Together Dress, Anthropologie
Size 4
Good condition. Worn several times.

More coming soon....

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Could It Be Possible?

It's already time to start planning for Christmas?

I don't know about you, but I'm desperately trying to stay on top of how quickly Christmas rushes upon us. From holiday decor to Christmas cards, I've already been planning for new ideas and color schemes.
Every year since we got married, Jay and I have had a blue and silver Christmas tree. The look has evolved over time, but essentially remained the same. When we lived in Virginia Beach, we had room for three trees in our house, so we had my blue and silver tree, a tree with all the kids ornaments, and a hunting/fishing themed tree for all of Jay's ornaments. Since moving to Kansas, we really only have room for two trees, so Jay's ornaments have been sitting in boxes a few years.
Nevermind the children in the way of the tree....
This year I've been inspired by the beautiful shape and color of the antler sheds Jay has been bringing home from hunt trips, so I am going to incorporate that into our Christmas decorations, and pull out his box of decorations instead of my own. To that end, I've been scouring the internet for a way to pull out my style along with his. Of course, my first go-to is Anthropologie.
Woodland Stocking Holder
Night Owl Lights
And in the entertaining department:

I die. This takes all of my loves and puts them in to a neatly tied package. Birthday discount?

I missed out on last years horn collection because I dragged my feet on it. I am determined not to let that happen again. I love the entire collection. Probably a better use of my discount than a $300 tray set.

No Christmas would be complete without an apron that looks like a gorgeous dress!

But back to the decor. I hoping to pull off a more traditional and nostalgic feeling this year.
Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest 
As for Christmas cards, I am trending toward the same traditional color scheme. So far, I have ordered these for myself:

I plan to pair together with skinny jeans and either high heels in black, or my tobacco colored boots. Jay will wear a flannel and jeans with boots.
For my kids, I'm doing a variety of flannels and sweaters in this scheme:

I plan to pair all these with simple jeans on bottom.
Here is my photo inspiration:
Source: Pinterest
I'm hoping we have some snow or frost on the ground when it's time to take the photo's. Getting 6 independent people together at the same time is the biggest challenge, so it might be tough to get the weather to cooperate.

Well, I've emptied my brain of my thoughts so far. What about you? Are you planning for Thanksgiving and Christmas yet?