Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Anthropologie Fitting Room Reviews- Fall 2011 Pt. 4

You can see Part 1: Dresses here.
Part 2: Skirts here.
Part 3: Tops and Sweaters here.
This is the final installation and it is all pants/jeans and jackets.

Citizen of Humanity Ava Straight Leg Jeans. Size 28.
I have never tried on jeans at Anthropologie. Partly on purpose (I was afraid this would happen.), partly because I have always stuck with my Gap jeans- since I was 14 years old. Haha!
I was determined to try a few on this time. Mostly because of Roxys review of the new fall line.
I fell in love with the two pair I tried on.  These fit like my Gap jeans, but like 1,000 times better! They are a mid-rise on me, and straight leg. The size 28 was spot-on.  I love the wash, as it was not too dark, not too light.  I added these to my wishlist, and will be back for them.

AG Farrah Skinny Jeans. Size 28. Yet another pair that I love. These are my total mom jeans, but I plan on rocking them. They were the perfect rise on me (the tag says "hi rise"). I asked Beth if they were too "Mom-ish", and she agreed they were not too high, but I love that they will stay high enough that I can bend over without stuff spilling out!  They fit like a dream.  I am thinking about a birthday splurge in November- to get all three Farrah's.  You must try these on!

Cuffed Tweed Crops by Cartonnier. Size 4.
I am a BIG fan of Cartonnier pants, and these were no exception. They fit true to size, and the fabric is great. The very best part about these pants is that they are fully lined, so no itch wool on your skin.  The cropped cuff is wonderful for styling, since they would work for flats and heels. The only thing they would not work for in my opinion is tall boots.  They are a grey neutral, but the fabric and seams add visual interest.

Frilled Echelons Peacoat by Elevenses. Size 6. I have been eyeing this coat since it hit the site. I read some negative reviews of the color, and while it is true that it does not come out as turquoise in real life, the color is still beautiful.  I also had no trouble with the layering of the frills. I sized up to a 6, so that I could wear sweaters underneath comfortably.  I love the quality of Elevenses, including the gorgeous lining. This beauty came home with me.

Forested Blazer by Madchen. Size Small.  I tried on the X-Small and the Small in this blazer, and thought the Small fit better. I think this might be one you want to size up on. One of my most favorite skirts is by Madchen, but I have not seen much of the brand at Anthro lately. I hope that the sighting of this blazer means more to come.  I love the longer length of this- surprisingly. I was skeptical looking at it on the hanger. I picked it up strictly because I love the brand.
The fit is meant to be snug, however, if you want to layer, you may want to go up a size or two. The quality is great, but I think the brand is mostly overpriced. This should be more like a $150-180 starting price than more than $250. Wishlisted.

Pansy Corset Trench by Elevenses. Size 6. The quality is there, once again with Elevenses coats. I love the red, and the lining, and the weight of it. This felt much more substantial than the average trench. It fit great, and felt good. But I hate the corset back. I thought about buying it and taking those laces out! ;) Overall, a great coat, but not for me.
That concludes my reviews. Pshew! That was a lot!
Happy Shopping!

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