Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Anthropologie Fitting Room Reviews- Fall 2011 Pt. 2

You can see Part 1 with my dress reviews here.
Next up is skirts:
Flurried Plumes Midi
 Flurried Plumes Midi by Edme & Esyllte. Size 4. This is a beautiful skirt, and fit true to size. I thought the fabric was an interesting fall combo. The tweed is very nice, but the buttons are very tight. It took a minute to get it buttoned- not because it did not fit, but the button is big and the button-hole is tight.  This hit sale this morning, so if you were on the fence, the price is coming down. I thought it had a lot of styling potential. Overall, a very nice skirt

Liquid Acres Skirt byTabitha. Size 4.  If you read my last review, you know I already tried this on. My review was so different from the other online reviews, that I thought maybe it was just me. So I grabbed the same size I had before in the same skirt. But I had the same problem as before with the slipping waist. I think this is because the waist line is lined as well as the skirt, making the whole thing slippery. When I untucked my shirt, it stayed in place (I walked around the dressing room.), but it is very unlikely I would ever wear it without a tucked shirt. Sadly, I think this skirt is just not for me.

Peppering Skirt by Yoana Baraschi. Size 4. I literally gasped when I zipped this up. I LOVED it.  Now I know why AppGal was so excited about it.  I could not wait to try it on, and I am so glad I did. The 4 fit perfectly, and I love the flattering shape. Another thing I love is that the length is perfect. Even when I sit down, it will stay at the knee. There is a rushing detail at the hip, which I know some reviewers did not like, but I did.  I thought it added interest. I have all kinds of styling ideas for this. I have a feeling this will be like my Penciled Abronia love. (This MIGHT have snuck in the bag.)

     Yumi Skirt by Girls From Savoy. Size 4.  This skirt comes is navy and what they call "neutral". I think it is just khaki. It has cute front detail almost like an apron.  I reached for this color because I already have 4 navy skirts.  I really liked this skirt. It is an interesting twist on a pencil skirt. I could see how this would add bulk to certain body types. And maybe it does on me, but I liked it enough that it did not bother me.  I would only wear slim fitting tops tucked in with this skirt, and maybe pair a cardi or blazer. Since it is such a simple basic, it would have to make it to 2nd cuts for me to pick this up.  Worth trying on, though.

Foundation Pencil Skirt by Moulinette Soeurs. Size 6. I grabbed both a 4 and a 6, and tried on the 6 first since it looked small.  The size 6 was right for me, so you may want to try this one on, or size up one size if online. This also comes in two colors, but the pink is too close to the J Crew No. 2 I just ordered in Vibrant Flame as well as a hot pink-ish purple skirt I thrifted last year. I love the texture of this skirt. It is a true mossy green, but I took a close-up of the waist so you could see how nice it is. This was very pretty and well made. I have some great basic pencils, so this one also gets put to the 2nd cut list.

Colorblocked Sweaterskirt by Girls From Savoy. Size X-Small & Small.  This was another that Beth and I both tried on. I loved it! I tried the Small on first, and it worked fine, but I did try the X-Small, and I felt like it just held my "problems" in a little tighter. Haha! So basically, I could order either one at the sale cut and be fine.  I looked at both colorways, and I like this one the best, by far. I don't own anything like this, and can't wait to add it to my wardrobe.

Havana Fresca Skirt by Maeve. Size X-Small. I took the X-Small because this was another maxi length, and I was afraid of it being too long. On this, it was just right.  I love the color saturation, and the style. Since I have the Patagonian Maxi, I didn't want a repeat. This has interesting pleating detail on the waist, flowing down to the flare. I am keeping my eye on this one...

Unknown Tweed Skirt. This skirt was so cute on the table. But 10 kinds of wrong on me. I loved the concept. It has a great opening. A zipper sort-of inside the front panel, then hooks on the waist. (LOVE hooks!)  It has cute pockets, and I love the tweed weave. But the waist shape was not flattering on me. I think I tried on a 6 in this. And I am not sure sizing up or down would really help with this. I had such high hopes.
Okay, that's it for skirts. What do you think?

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