Monday, September 5, 2011

Fall Anthropologie Reviews & A Meeting

Don't you love when you have been away from home, that feeling of walking through the door of your home?  I just love it.  I tend to be very motivated to unload and clean things up.
We just returned from Kansas City, where we intended to go to a Kansas City Royals game, until the rainstorms popped up Saturday. Instead, we were lazy, got back in our PJ's and watched football.
I visited the new Anthropologie store in Leawood, KS (Yay! Inching ever closer to Wichita) Saturday, and had the wonderful opportunity to meet the lovely Beth. A reader and someone that I have had the pleasure of ongoing correspondence with. (I did tease her that she must have not been able to find anything better to read! :)  We shopped, and gave critique in the dressing room, had lunch together, and generally thrilled over having someone like-minded to shop with. It was so great to meet her. I am constantly amazed over how blogging has introduced me to such lovely women.  It is risky to put your "business" out there on the internet. A subject that Beth and I spoke about, but I have had nothing but rewards.
Here are the things I tried on- and I tried on lots. Beth and I ended up trying a lot of the same things on, which was great fun. I think I am going to break it down in to three or four parts, since I tried on so many of the fall releases.
First up- Dresses:

Shapeshifter Maxi
First up is the Shapshifter Maxi by Deletta. Size X-Small. I grabbed this after I already had a packed fitting room as I walked through the lounge section, and the color and print caught my eye. This comes in two prints, but the orange/white combo was the only one in the store. I loved it on. It has great layering potential. It is so comfortable it feels like pajamas! The only down side?  It is VERY long. I love maxi dresses and skirts, but they all seem overly long. I think I am just an average girl (5' 4"), and there are so many people shorter than me, I don't understand. I have already decided if this makes it to sale, I need to add the cost of cutting 3 inches off the bottom. Waiting for sale to decide.
Ihrin Shirtdress
Ihrin Shirtdress by Lili's Closet. Size: 4.  This has been on my wishlist since it came out, and I could not wait to try it on.  I love the shape, but it is very different from what I normally buy/try on. It has a lot of styling potentials. I included a close-up picture of the inside seam of the buttons. It is a pattern, and SO cute.  I had a wonderful fitting room associate, and she wisely added some things to my dressing room to try on with my selections. One of them was a beautiful belt with this dress, and it was one I had not noticed before. I felt this was true to size. I grabbed a 4 and a 6 to bring to the dressing room (my usual tactic), and the 4 fit perfectly. This dress has a side entry that was different than any I have ever tried on. A zipper to the waist and snaps that run up the the underarm of the dress. I like it. Side zippers on dresses scare me anyway, as I am always afraid of catching my skin!  I will be watching sale for this beauty.

Stitched Perimeter Belt (Sand)

Painted Plaid Dress
Painted Plaid Dress by Maeve. Size: 4. Beth showed me this dress and asked me what I thought of it. It did not catch my eye in the catalog, or in the store, but we both grabbed one to try on. The fit was good, but low in the front in my opinion. A little loose in the top- on both of us. I actually liked the flared skirt on me, which is unusual. But overall, it is just a pass. Too many other things I loved.

Bronwen Dress
 Bronwen Dress by Maeve. Size: 4. I had great hopes for this dress, but it was a disaster. I tried on the 4 and was swimming in it. I think in order for it to be even close, I would have had to go all the way down to a 0. Any swimming in that and I would be sized out.  However, for those who are more well-endowed up top, this might be the ticket. I thought it looked terrible on me, but while I was talking to Beth in the fitting room, another woman stepped out wearing it, and she looked lovely. This definitely needs a pin or a snap at the cross front.
Test Pattern Sweaterdress
Macadam Belt
 Test Pattern Sweaterdress by Knitted & Knotted. Size: X-Small & Small. This was on my radar since the day it hit the site, so I was excited the store had it for me to try on. The awesome SA who was helping me pull everything said it had just come in that morning! Beth and I both tried it on, and although the X-Small fit both of us, we both agreed the Small was the way to go. One of the reasons I was drawn to this dress, is because one of my most favorite dresses is by Knitted & Knotted (see HERE), and I love the detail in the weave. I REALLY wanted to take this right home with me. The wise Beth reminded me that this might not be popular, and to watch for sale.  I will be watching very closely, however.  This belt was added to my room by my fitting room assoc. I went back for it Sunday. Must-have. I took a medium, so I could wear it high or low. But the small fit fine too.
Without the belt.

Side view.

Lila Frock

Lila Frock by Tabitha. Size: 4. I like the ensemble pieces by Tabitha, and this one was no exception. The colors are vibrant and beautiful. The fit was spot-on for me, but I have a smallish chest, so to be safe, try on your size and one size up.  This is yet another size zip vent, which scare the crap out of me, but I didn't have any trouble with it.  I love the mustard gold of the bottom. Hits a few inches above top of knee, but not immodest.  I like this, but will wait for 2nd cuts, more than likely.

Side view.

Noon & Night Dress
Stitched Perimeter Belt
Noon & Night Dress in Beige. Size: X-Small.  I liked this dress, but I did not love it.  I was completely uninterested in the maroon version, and the black does not appeal to me either. I feel like I have plenty of black dresses. That being said, it's a great dress. Very comfortable and easy to wear. I do like this color the best, but it is not really beige. More like gold or brown-ish rust.  I liked it much better styled a little with the belt my SA put in the room.  It did help me see some styling options. But this would be very versatile. I think I might put this on Polyvore and play around with it to make some outfits before deciding further. Also, I think I would size up to a small, in order to layer underneath too.
Side view.

Winter Tree Shirtdress

Winter Tree Shirtdress by Maeve. Size: 4. Another wrap dress that I had difficulty with. I was hoping this would be a flattering basic that I could dress up or down. I love the print very much, and like the styling, but the fit was so far off, I gave up. It was bulky feeling up top, and I was not "wowed" enough to try any harder on it.
I also tried the Aven Bloom Dress by Moulinette Soeurs, but I tried it in a 4, and it was much too tight up top, so I asked the SA for a 6 to try. In all the commotion (she got very busy, and I had a full fitting room) I either missed her saying that there was no size or she forgot to bring it to me, I am not sure.  But I loved that dress, and would like to try a 6. Sorry for no pictures of that one...

Well, that's all for the dresses, skirts and tops are coming up!

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