Thursday, March 24, 2011

MAXImum Effort

Today I sported another maxi dress, scored at the same time as the skirt I wore last week. A few weeks ago, I popped in Forever 21, which I affectionately refer to as: Foreverwishiwere21. I get a little paranoid when I go in there, because I just KNOW if I get carded, they will throw me out. I am WAY over the legal limit in that place.  Also, I break out in hives just walking by the miniskirts, and almost never wear my hair in a side pony tail (well, sometimes for Jay, but. well. um. So, yeah.)  But I had to go to make a return at the mall, and look at something in The Loft for my cousin (no, really!), so I parked at F21. I hit the motherload of deals there. I tried on 5 things and came home with 4 of them! That NEVER happens to me.  3 of the things I picked up were marked down, and when I got to the register, they were on further markdown.  The skirt I wore last week here was $8.99 on the tag, but $5.99 at the register.  The dress from today was $10.99 on the tag, but $8.99 at the register.  I was afraid to stand there too long, in case they snatched it back from me and hid it in the back!
Dress: F21 Maxi
Tank: American Eagle
Jacket: Gap, thrifted
Shoes: Anthropologie Schuler & Sons Summer Warrior Sandals
Necklace: Thrifted

Sportin' my new bag.
Anthro Petal Pouf by Deux Lux

I came home and took off the jacket, and put on a cardigan, just LIKE Mr. Rogers. Switched to flip flops and got busy packing and sorting again.  Things are coming along slowly but surely.
Now I am snuggling with my little man, who came home from school early with a slight fever.  Poor buddy. And I am wearing my most favorite loungers EVER.
Lilka Dreams of Springs Loungers


  1. I love the super cute maxi! And so sweet to cuddle with our little man. I am sorry he isn't feeling well. :( I hope to get to Forever 21 on Saturday - I have my eye on a couple of things. You are so funny about getting carded! I feel the same way! I think people just assume I am shopping for my daughter or something. LOL. Cheers!xoxo

  2. Love that cute maxi dress...and those shoes are fabulous!!! I'm only 30 and I sometimes feel a little out of my element in F21...perhaps it's the 3 small children I usually have in tow that makes me feel that way! =)

  3. Fun post! Sorry Zachy isn't feeling well though:-( The dress is super cute, but yes, I have to agree with Jenni, the shoes are FABULOUS! The red toe nails don't hurt anything either (I would have gotten on you if you had worn these shoes with bare toe nails, runner or not!).
    At only 27 I feel I'm still good to go in F21...unless I take my kids with me;-P However, Debra, you don't look a day over Fabulous, so don't sweat it!
    (thanks to Steven Tyler on Idol for my new great quote!)

  4. Kara - haha, that quote cracks me up - a day over Fabulous! It's true though about D. I am all over that handbag - love it and the shoes, goes without saying!

    Jenni - you are only 30 and Kara 27 - good night - I am the old lady of our group of blogging pals! Yikes. 41 next week. They are going to full on escort me OUT of F21!!