Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Birthday Celebration Day

Today we celebrated my sweet little Madison's 11th birthday.  I had Bible Study this morning, then lunch with a sweet friend from Bible Study, to discuss the wrap-up before school lets out, and replacement possibilities for me after I move.  I have been praying for someone to step up and lead my awesome girls upon my absence.
I ran to the store and got a cupcake cake to take to Madison's school, and went to Zach's classroom to see the baby chicks that just hatched. I think it is so awesome that they get to do such neat projects.
We had dinner with the family at Atlas- Madison's choice. It was nice to get together with our parents, but hard knowing it is the last birthday we will celebrate that way for a while.
Here was my OOTD:
Sweater: Anthropologie Six on One Cardigan
Skirt: F21 (even cheaper- on clearance for $5.99!)
Tank: Target Mossimo
Necklace: Vintage Thrifted
Shoes: Urban Outfitters
Belt: Thrifted

And here is a picture I took a few minutes ago of my girl.


  1. AHh, your daughter is a cutie!! You look great today in your cute outfit...that color cardigan is fab on you! Happy Birthday to your little girl!

  2. Maddie is such a sweet, beautiful girl, just like her mama;-)
    I LOVE your OOTD...especially the belt and the way the necklace effortlessly pulls it all together. Love those shoes too, but I must say I'm disappointed in your lack of toenail polish! A bright coral would have looked great with those fab sandals:-)

  3. you look so chic today I love it! I went into F21, but didn't see those skirts- I love it b/c it's so modest! I neeeeed one! I see your laptop there in the background! Happy Birthday Madison! Do you realize we would have been prego together and my twins are just 1 month older than Maddie? If only we lived on the same street...........

  4. Happy Birthday to your pretty girl! I love the color of your sweater and all the pretty accents with your necklace/belt/shoes - gorgeous!

  5. Happy Birthday (again) to Maddie!! So, did you decide anything at lunch?? Inquiring minds want to know. Did I tell you that I really loved your outfit? I was so enchanted with the sweater, I didn't even LOOK at your feet, which is a first. ;) BTW, You should've taken a pic with the scarf too. Very cute!