Saturday, March 26, 2011

Casual Friday

I love Friday. It holds all the anticipation of Saturday, but without the dread of Sunday- going back to work Monday.  (I dunno, it makes sense in my head.)
I had an easy Friday. Went to the gym with little man, took him to school, then showered and had lunch with my sister and baby Jessica. (She is cuter than a ball of fur!) Came back home and cleaned my house in anticipation of the Grumpster er, I mean J coming home. (He has been rather grumpy lately. I guess that is what stress will do to a man.) He loves to come home to a clean house and candles burning. I do too, for that matter! Haha
Here is my casual Friday look:
Sweater: F21
Jeans: UO, BDG Cigarette
Shoes: UO, Kimichi Blue Pleated T-Strap
Necklace: F21, Swinging Owl

My awesome friends have been coming regularly to help me pack and sort my house, little by little.  My BFF Freda came over Thursday to sort through all the yard sale stuff and pack more books.  While I was talking to one of the kids, I was just scarfing Doritos by the handfulls.  I am normally a good eater. I eat what I want, but I have trained myself to be careful.  So she asked me, "Why are you eating those?!"  I told her, "Stress!"  And she said, "Don't you wish we stress ate things like veggies?  Why is it always bad things?"  We had a good laugh over it and got back to work, so yesterday, I posted this on her FB wall on my way home from the gym, and the exchange had me rolling.  The Jennifer that replied is one of my other best friends, and she and Freda know each other well, too.

So if I stress eat AND stress work-out, it balances out to zero, right?!
Yesterday at 11:48am ·  ·  · See Friendship
    • Jennifer Jones Speelman Seriously? You're asking Freda? I would think you'd direct this one at me. Freda is the poster child for self-control. I don't think she stress eats. (I want to be Freda when I grow up. Chuck Norris wears Freda underoos.)
      Yesterday at 12:45pm ·  ·  1 person
    • Camarin R. Perez you girls are funny :)
      Yesterday at 2:04pm · 
    • Brian-Freda Cory No, silly, it balances out to your regular size, which isn't a zero yet--I don't care what the Loft tags say. -freda
      Yesterday at 3:35pm · 
    • Debra Lapierre NOooooooo! (knees on the ground), I BELIEVE the Loft tags! Yeah, right. Are you calling me a Zero? And here I thought I was a Hero! I keep trying to be Freda, but then a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos walks by and I turn into a ball of mush.
      Yesterday at 3:42pm · 
    • Brian-Freda Cory Well, Mrs. "Self-Control" had more chocolate cake with glaze today. You do realize that you're both aspiring to be conflicted and obsessive, right? May I remind you that I can't decorate a room or a cake? I don't know if I'm laughing harder at your comments or the fact that I didn't realize Jen had already posted a comment when I posted mine. (This comment took me about 2 hours and three sittings to compose--seriously!) -freda
      19 hours ago · 
    • Brian-Freda Cory Oh, Jen, Brian is now on the lookout for "Freda underoos." -freda
      16 hours ago · 
    • Brian-Freda Cory Deb, have I mentioned (out loud) that I'm going to miss you? -freda
      16 hours ago · 
    • Jennifer Jones Speelman Conflicted and obsessive...check. Now if I can just get that self-control thing going, I'll be worthy to wear the underoos. :-)
      7 hours ago · 


  1. cute! there are the pretty shoes! I almost bought that owl - wish I would have!!

  2. Love the matching lips and shoes! Hey, I don't care what store it is, a 0 would be a fab number to see:-))))

  3. PS-love the new season title pic, but miss the old one at the same time!