Thursday, September 12, 2013

Big Easy

Last Friday, I flew down to New Orleans to meet Jay, who was there for a conference. This was my first time visiting New Orleans, and I spent a couple of days walking the city and touring a little. (Oh, and I snuck in a little visit to the MotherShip...)
 Riverwalk, NO
 National WWII Museum
 House of Blues

Nava Heels by Miss Albright, size 8.
I missed out on the first go round of these beauties, and it looks like I have to let these go too. The weight of the foot rests on the ball of my feet in these chunky heels. I have very little fat in the bottom of my feet, and since I run around all day for work, they wouldn't last an hour for me. In addition, the heel slips a little, while the rest of the shoe is nice and snug. I wish I could, but realistically, I have to say no.
Frou Frou Skirt by Plenty by Tracy Reese, size 4.
Who doesn't want a frou frou skirt?! This was a total whim, but I loved it! The waist fits like a dream, and the fluffy underskirt feels fun and flirty. I tried to tell myself that I could wear this to work with a tee and jean jacket, but I am afraid it wouldn't get much love. Sadly, a pass.

 Petalblush Sweaterdress by Knitted & Knotted, size Small.
In another favorite brand of mine, I found this sweet number. I LOVED this fit and the eclectic mixture of pattern and color. The dress pictured is a small, but I tried the extra small as well, which works better for layering belts and light jackets. My main outfit idea is with tights and booties, but it works in late fall with ballet flats too. Wishlisted!

Fabled Fields Shift by Moulinette Soeurs, size Small.
In typical Portlandia fashion, put a bird on it, and I'm intrigued. I noticed the owl on this dress right away, but was skeptical of the fit. Once I had it on, I was convinced. It's a true shift style, but the fabric feels luxurious and the length is perfect, so I find it flattering. This is something I could incorporate into my wardrobe seamlessly. Wishlisted!

I loved all the turquoise doors! I could fit into a city like this!
The city at night, looking down from our hotel room.
Stay tuned for what happened the next few days....

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