Saturday, August 3, 2013

Anthropologie Reviews, Finally! (Tops & Sweaters)

I've been a little shy of the peplum craze, because I'm just not sure about it on my body type. This trip, I bit the bullet and tried more than usual. I'm still not 100% sold, but here we go....

Float On Tank by Maeve. Size Small.
I love this simple, but whimsical printed blouse. It's perfect for layering with your favorite cardigan or blazer. I think this would also be perfect with the J Crew Cafe Capri in any color. I could have probably sized down to an extra small, but I like the room in the small, since it blouses a bit when tucked. Wishlisted.

Ruffled Calin Blazer by Cartonnier. Size Small.
I should have sized down to an extra small in this one, since I was swimming in it. Blazers never seem to lay right on me, due to my long chest/short waist. I feel like this is another example. The chest darts don't lie correctly. Maybe if I had tried the extra small, I would have found the fit to work, but I didn't love the color and considering my everyday style, this doesn't fit. However, I love the idea of it and the cut is cute. It's worth a try for you blazer lovers.

Stitched Anthea Top by Meadow Rue. Size Small.
This top was a perfect fit and so cute! The empire waist hits at just the right spot and flares away at the waist without looking like a maternity top. Even though it is double layered in most spots, you might consider a camisole or nude bra underneath. The fabric is very linen-like.

Ruffled Cetara Wrap by Rosie Neira. Size Extra Small.
I love the softness of this linen cardigan, and the color was perfect as well. I would size up to a small to buy, since the arms were fitted, so that I could layer long sleeves underneath in the cooler weather. The ruffled collar is flattering without being overwhelming. Wishlisted.
Basic Layering Tank by T. La. Size Extra Small.
The under tank I am wearing with this sweater is by newer Anthro brand T La. This is the second time I have tried on anything by them, and my opinion is the same. I love that they offer a basic tank, in tons of great colors, and it seems they are high enough on the chest to offer some coverage. The downside is that the knit seems very thin, and likely to stretch out another size in a small matter of time. Just in the time I had the tank on to try the sweater, I felt it stretched enough to warrant sizing down. But I was already wearing the extra small! Back to the rack.

Pleated Peplum V-Neck by Deletta. Size Small.
Here we roll into the world of big-girl peplum. This isn't your average high yoke/flared waist blouse. And hey, I liked it!
This is the small, and I think I had the fit right on this. I'd definitely layer under, since the fabric is see-through. I felt like the arm holes were slightly big, but in the pictures, they don't look bad. I love the stripes, and I think this is another that would be versatile for all seasons. With my body type, I think I'd stick with a slim piece on bottom. I like these (a LOT), these and this. Wishlisted.

Scrolling Lace Peplum Blouse by Deletta. Size 6.
I really liked this one, too. But the arm holes were way too big. I'd need to size down to a 4 for the arms, but then the waist would have been snug, I think. The cutest part of this outfit is the crazy girl poking her head in....

Laced Solstice Shell by Deletta. Size Small.
This lace peplum has a bit of shimmer in the threads, causing it to appear very formal-wear'ish, but the rough edge along the hem brings the formality back down to earth. However, I think it's still to dressy for my real life. The shape is pretty, but I just don't want to work very hard at making it casual.

Thus concludes my foray into the peplum world. I know we aren't solving world peace or anything, but thoughts?

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