Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Anthropologie Reviews, Finally! (Dresses & Archival Sweaters)

After ordering two sweaters from the Archive Collection, I only planned to keep one. So when I had the opportunity to happily offer a friend and her kids a ride to the Oklahoma City airport, and visit with a friend from Virginia, I knew I had to get an Anthropologie return/shopping visit squeezed in.
I decided to return the Rose Sweater:
I tore into the package as soon as I got home from work and squealed over the Peacock Cardi, trying it on first. I LOVE the fit and the materials. I like that it is soft and comfy, and the colors are rich and detailed.
The Rose Sweater was the gloomy, "dum, dum, dum"afterward. It was itchy and ill fitting. I could barely tolerate it long enough to tie the sash. (It felt like a Brillo pad.)
Before I returned, I tried it on once more, so Maddie could snap a couple of photo's.

While I was at Anthropologie, I tried on some pretty cute stuff. I am making a more concerted effort to really be choosy about what I buy, while at the same time, cultivating my closet to wear more of my old stuff (or get rid of it!). There are some beautiful fall items trickling into the store, but realistically, it doesn't matter how beautiful it is, if it sits without wear.
(Madison was cracking me up in these pictures!)

 Dress by Lil. Size 4.
I can't find this dress on the site, but it's such a lovely dress. It has a great fitted bust area, side zip and gathering at the waist which opens to a loose hip. I love the pockets as well. Nice color and shape. I liked it, but it didn't wow me.

 Bergamot Lace Dress by Moulinette Soeurs. Size Small.
I loved this dress on the hanger, but when I put it on, it felt tight and high on the waist. The seam is thick, and it hit me on a funny place. I like the color and the lace, but the shortness off-set any thought of keeping it. Back to the rack.

 Garden Party Halter Dress by Girls From Savoy. Size 6.
Another in the set of this popular halter pattern that has been very successful for GFS, and another hit in my estimation. The OKC store was mostly sold out of sizes, so I tried the 6, but would have been more comfortable in the 2 or 4. I really like the print in this, but having no need for another dress of this style, and still having issues with the weird length on my body, it's not for me. If you missed the previous versions, give this one a try it's so pretty.

 Zola Shift by Maeve. Size 4.
This dress is available in several patterns/colors, but I love this one! I brought back a 2 and a 4, and the 4 is pictured, but in order to fit the shoulders better, I went with the 2. I carried this all the way to the register, but couldn't justify it's purchase.
I love that this is a comfy/easy dress, but the fabric dresses it up. I also love the playfulness of the bears. I will be picking this one up at sale.

 Emerald Ripple Dress by Girls From Savoy. Size 4.
What a beautiful dress! I love the colors and the shape, both. As you can see, the arm holes are a little big, and I had room in the waist too. I would size down to a 2 for purchase. I plan to stalk this for sale. I find this a great dress to transition to fall and winter with tights and boots and cute cardigans.

 Henley Stripe Day Dress by Saturday Sunday. Size Extra Small.
Borrowing day wear from the lounge department again, you find this cute knit dress. I love this as a basic for detailed jackets/cardigans in the fall. The one that I picked had something wonky going on with way the waist band lined up. The side seams were square on my hips, but the front seemed twisted, and I don't think it was intended to be. So check yours carefully, if you try on. I really liked this one too!

Lace Edged Pencil Skirt by Liv. Size Small.
I sized up a size on this one, just by eyeballing, and it was still tight. I would need to go to a medium to buy. I liked it, but having a closet full of skirts, several of which are black, I just don't need it. If you love lace, you will love this skirt, but if you are curvy, size up.
I'll wrap up with a few more reviews tomorrow. Enjoy!
Questions? Just ask. I'd love to chat!

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