Wednesday, January 16, 2013

On Teachers

I found out yesterday morning that my high school music teacher passed away. He had been hospitalized for months, so it was not unexpected, but still very sad.
I have mentioned that schooling decisions have been some of the hardest decisions that Jay and I have had to make for our children. We have poured countless hours of prayer and conversation into where our kids should go to school. We have worked to have good communication with our kids' teachers, and have had some amazing people pass through their lives. Every single year, I am amazed at what wonderful teachers we have met, and what a personal interest they take in our kids' lives. Most teachers seem to really "get" that they have a major impact on their students.
My high school teacher was like that. He was tough as nails. He was tender. He was brilliant. He pushed us in unconventional ways to keep reaching, keep pushing. His impact has been felt on my life in more ways than I could count.
A few of my high school friends and I got together for dinner in Virginia Beach a couple of years ago. Someone was able to get ahold of our teacher and invite him to attend. Imagine our delight when he came through the door (with the aid of a cane), and regaled us with his version of our high school events. (We traveled competitively for music.) It was an absolute joy to have him there. And now that he is gone, it will be a forever happy moment for me.
Teachers have such an ability to create inspiration in our lives. I hope I can find a way to pay it forward to those around me.
What do you do to impact the people in your life?
Grand National Champions 1992
(The scrawny girl on the left-front floor in the striped top is me.
Our teacher is the tall man in the dark suit.)
Chamber Choir Singing at a Navy Admiral's Christmas Party
(The girl with the wide open singing mouth in blue is me.)

Senior Year  Jazz Christmas Concert
(The girl all the way to the left with the big star on the dress is me.)

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