Thursday, January 10, 2013

I'm A Fan (But Not A Very Happy One...)

I've mentioned my love for football before (ad nauseum, I'm sure). This season was tough for my Cowboys. Squeaking enough wins to keep hope alive, but not to make us think we actually had a chance for a Superbowl win. I won't bore you with my thoughts on restructuring, since this is a fashion blog. But lets talk about gear, huh?
I grew up watching the Cowboys with my dad on Sunday afternoons, but didn't really start following closely until I was an adult, as a way to connect more with my husband. He is a NY Giants fan, so the rivalry is strong in our house. Back in the day, a women's football fan shirt was either a mens small, or a children's large. That's what all my old Cowboys shirts were made up of.
Womens fan gear has come a LONG way in the past 5 years.
Jay and I were able to take the two younger kids down to Dallas for a game in November, so I had a chance to don my fan gear.

In This Outfit:
Jacket: Pink Brand Hoodie Zip-up Jacket
T-Shirt: Pink Brand Tee (here in a hoodie)
Jeans: Gap Straight Jean, old (new ones here)
Shoes: Converse, grey via DSW (size down from your normal size)

Here is the back of my jacket:
Obviously, I am not happy about how my team did this season, but I am nothing, if not loyal. The fan love isn't just coming from me. My friend Kara is a huge football girl too, and proudly sports her fan gear. (She, like me, also brainwashes her kids into it too.)

Kara is wearing a Nike Tom Brady jersey. Ajuma and Job are also sporting Patriots kids gear!
I love the friendly rivalry Kara and I share about football. She and Susan are my two football girlfriends. We love to talk some smack. (I'm glad Susan is a Texas girl!)

My favorite Christmas gift? This jersey:

My husband knows the way to a girls heart.
There's always next year, right?

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