Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Anthropologie Fitting Room Reviews (A Few More Sale Peices)

I forgot that I had these pictures on my phone from our trip to NYC for Christmas. I figured I'd add them, since some of it is sale now.

 Conifer Herd Dress by Postmark. Size 4.
My husband picked this out, since it had deer on it. He finds it to be the best of both worlds. A dress AND a target. Haha! I tried it on just for him, but I ended up loving it. It fits true to size. The skirt portion is a tad bit long, but not enough to deter me from wearing it. This dress comes with detachable straps (those are my bra straps you see photographed), and I would use them, but they are not substantial enough to actually hold the dress up. I wish it came with real straps. Love it!

 Dashed Gilt Brocade by Girls From Savoy. Size 4.
This is a gorgeous dress, and I was strongly attracted to it online. In person it is more beautiful. I know I keep saying that I don't need any more strapless dresses. I'm not sure what the appeal is, but I keep noticing them. I wish they had better options for adding straps. This dress is also true to size, and the length is just right. I love the waist and pleats. I also think this has tons of styling potential. Watching to see if the price comes down before it sells out. Love.
 Josephine Smocked Top by Deletta. Size Small.
I only picked this shirt up to have something to try on with the skirt below. There wasn't an extra small on the table, but it's obviously what I needed. This ran very big. The price is good, but for me, would have to be layered, as it's very low in the front. I have it pulled up in this photo. Complete pass.
 Pintucked Arpeggio Skirt by Floreat. Size 4.
I love Floreat and am so glad to see it back at Anthro. This skirt is beautiful. It's true to size. A little on the short side (you can see it better in the product shot), so would work great especially for girls 5"4' and under, since the longer ones can sometimes be too long. As you can see, I took the easy way out and grabbed a black top to try with it. It would take me some time to figure out how to style it, so its a pass for me. But a beautiful one.
Side Note: Floreat has a beautiful dress on the web site, which mimics elements of this skirt. I love the way it is made, and would love to try it on. Mika Ikat Shift
 Quinby Intarsia Cardigan by Field Flower. Size Small.
This is also one of Jay's picks. I think he liked the rustic look of it. These seem to run very small to me, since this is a small, and I felt I could go up to a medium.
This is wool, and has a slight itch factor. I don't find it as bad as other wool sweaters, and I could tolerate it, but those with a wool intolerance would not love it. I wouldn't have picked this up for myself, but I ended up really liking it. Would like to try a medium. Wishlisted.

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