Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Housekeeping (and an OOTD share)

A BIG thanks to those of you who have participated in my closet clean-out sale. I sent out a big batch of packages last week, and will send all the recently paid items out this afternoon. I will be going through and deleting sold items for the send packages. I apologize for being slow the last few days. I had an unexpected burst of hours at work, so I am utilizing my day off today to catch up.

There is an interesting conversation going on today at Lisa of Respect The Shoes' blog about monetizing. I thought I would clarify my policy on monetizing. I have started adding links to OOTD and reviewed items as a way to find it or find a replacement. I try to be very careful to keep it natural, and I have always tried to have a giveaway as I earn a little money. I don't want my posts to be clogged with ads and links, as I find that annoying in other blogs. Believe me, we aren't talking big bucks, here. Just enough to pay my google storage fees, do the occasional giveaway and maybe buy some Starbucks. (Or as-in Lisa's case, some pizza. Haha!) I always want to be as transparent as possible, so I thought I'd toss that out. If you as a reader ever dislike something that is easily fixed, please communicate with me. I'm happy to discuss, and value kind feedback. Thoughts?

I found a few old OOTD's, and thought I'd share them today.
 Outfit details here.
 Outfit details here.
 Outfit details here.

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