Thursday, January 24, 2013

Anthropologie Fitting Room Review (January 2013 Cont...)

Please excuse the fog around the edges of these photo's. I was in a dressing room with lights in the mirror, and it bounced spots back on the clothing and caused a haze effect. I tried to stand in just the right spot to avoid it.

 Crimson Social Dress by Maple. Size 4.
I added this to my cart online, when it hit the site. And I ho-hum'd over it, because it's a classic vintage style. I showed this dress to Mechelle for a second opinion, and we both agree that this is a beautiful dress, but the silhouette is slightly off on me. I like the smocked waist, the fabric choice (which is a true cardinal red), the button front and the sleeve. I think the only draw-back is the neckline. I still kind-of love it. But I am just not 100% sure. The length is just right. Thoughts? Opinions?

 Chignon Dress by Meadow Rue. Size X-Small.
This seemed to be the day for navy dresses (see below), because I tried on two. I loved the cut of both of both. This scoop-neck dress has beautiful pleats and twisting at the waist, which cinches the slimmest part of the body, and flares away at the hip. I thought the extra small was just right in this one, and the neckline screams for an interesting necklace. I also think the color choice is perfect, and I love the arm length. Gorgeous!

Cosmos Jumpsuit by Corey Lynn Calter. Size Small.
I wanted this to work so badly, but it just didn't. Let's talk about the positives first: I LOVE the fabric choice. The tiny stars are ideal for an all-over print, and keep it from being a boring black jumper. I also like the tie at the waist and the back vent. The choice of a blousy top and the loose sleeves is also beautiful. The down-sides? The legs are huge and way too long for the average lady. This isn't even something I could compensate for by wearing heels. The high-back waist leaves a bit of a mom-jean look on the bum, and sizing down to an extra small wouldn't help, since the distance between the crotch and the shoulders is just-right in the small. Unfortunately, this one is a pass, as much as I like it.

Ina Boatneck Dress by Bailey 44. Size Small.
And Bailey 44 does it again! A gorgeous, figure-flattering dress. I love the heavy knit fabric choice here. The neckline is gorgeous, and the fit is fantastic. This is a small, but I think I'd size up to a medium to buy (which is what I did in my column dresses), in order to feel more comfortable about the bum. This dress would required spanx on me, in order to smooth everything out. The hem cuts in to create a beautiful hourglass shape. As much as I love this dress, and wanted to get it right away, I have to keep in mind that I already have this one, and I have only worn it twice. Wishlisted.

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