Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Anthropologie Fitting Room Reviews (January 2013)

Split Stripes Pullover  Size X-Small.
I tried this on in two colors and sizes, for comparison sake. (The product page says it's by Deletta, but that is not the tag. I believe it's Postmark.) I love the pattern combinations available. It's a great take on an every day top. The fit on the extra small was a little snug in the shoulders, but the waist and chest felt good. See the Small review below....

Split Stripes Pullover Size Small.
The size small fit better in the shoulders, but was loose in the body. I actually like the turquoise motif better, but all of them are adorable. Wishlisted.

Printblocked Henley Blouse by L.P.O. Size Small.
I LOVE the prints used to make this blouse, and was drawn to it as soon as I saw the leopard back. This blouse is thin and very flowy. A cami would be necessary underneath, as the fabrics are sheer. I wish this had just a little more weight to it. I feel like it would stay in place better. At this price, I will have to love it from afar (or at least for a long time).

Lace Peplum Blouse by Moulinette Soeurs. Size 4.
I have been eyeing this blouse, but was afraid the tightest part of the waist wouldn't fit properly, and ride up to high. I didn't find that to be a problem. In fact, it fit perfectly. I took my usual dress size. I love the emerald color, and the 3/4 sleeves. Wishlisted.

Solaris Cardigan by Charlie & Robin. Size Small.
I love the concept of this sweater. The two tone grey and the embroidered dots. I only wish it came in other color combos. I found the small a perfect fit. If you plan to wear this closed, I'd go up one size, otherwise, stick with your normal size.

Brocade Charlie Trousers by Cartonnier. Size 4.
These pants are all the rage in Anthropologie advertising right now, making a splash in multiple colors and patterns. My favorite are the brocade. This color is bright, but I love it! The waist sits a little low on these, but it works. I had my girlfriend Mechelle with me to check out the bum, and I got the thumbs up. The length is a true crop, sitting just above the ankle on my 5"4' body. I love these, and wish I had gone ahead and purchased with my Christmas gift cards. I'm keeping a close eye on these.

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