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Anthropologie Fitting Room Reviews: Tops (Early Winter 2012)

The weekend before Thanksgiving, Jay and I took the two younger kids down to Dallas for the Cowboys game. We went down early enough on Saturday to hit Southlake Townsquare shopping center. (One of my favorites.) Jay and the kids went off to the Apple store and the pizza place, so I would have time to look and try on loads of goodies.
Here are the tops.

 Embroidered Peasant Tee by Meadow Rue. Size X-Small.
This top is still available online in 3 colors (the online description has this as a Vanessa Virginia top, but the product tags are Meadow Rue), including this coral, a blue and a lovely creamy white with silvery foil embroidery. I like this top, its a beautiful take on a casual shape, and one that I find very flattering. I didn't see the cream in the store, but I think I would prefer it. The extra small fit perfectly, but since this would be a top I would wash and dry often, I'd size up to a small to buy. The ruching at the placket is just enough to be able to freely enjoy chips & salsa (hola!), without looking like a maternity top.

 Puckered Placket Turtleneck by Deletta. Size Small.
And thus continues my love affair with Deletta. I am so glad they have returned to Anthro with their signature pieces. This one is exactly what I love about them. Perfect for layering and substantial enough  to stand alone. Again, I might have been able to go down to an extra small in this, but since I plan to wash & dry it, I purchased the small. I love that it is not too short, although I suspect it will shrink up a bit after washing. The only down-side is that I wish it had full sleeves, instead of 3/4 length. Purchased.

 Banter Tee by Postmark. Size X-Small.
Who could say anything bad about such a cute tee? Anyone who knows me could see why I was drawn to it. The perfect turquoise color, and the bicycles printed on it. I love both, turquoise and biking. Add in tab-sleeves, and a boatneck and you have the perfect t-shirt. The only down-side was the size on me. I felt like the shoulders were a little snug in the extra small, but I couldn't find a small in the store. Wishlisted.

 Eyelash Lace Tee by Eloise. Size Small.
Although this is thin (granted, it IS a loungewear piece), I like it. The lace is a nice detail, and the body is relaxed. The grey knit balances out the lace and makes it a great every day shirt. Warning: this is hand wash only, and my experience with this type of knit tells me it will need a tender hand.

Partitioned Bands Tee by Left of Center. Size Small.
I picked this up in several colors and sizes. The navy/white stripe was also very cute, but I was looking for a top in a great shape to be able to wear in layering with my necklaces that stand alone. I ended up with the Perpetual Wear Tee in black in a size x-small. The striped versions were too thin. The solids were better. I found the fit to be the same in all of them, just the coloring was different. The small was way too big, so I went down to the x-small, and it is still very roomy. Since I have already worn it several times, I know it was a wise purchase. Slightly longer in the back than front, but not drastic. Very comfy, and I have machine washed twice on delicate.

Twirl Tee by Pure & Good. Size Small.
(Now on sale.) I almost didn't use these pictures, because you can see what color bra I chose to wear that day, but since it wasn't a perfect fit, I felt like I should review it anyway. This was another I picked up to try as a basic color tee in a cute shape to show off necklaces. I love the color, but it is very sheer (I don't understand why everything is so thin?!) Also, this is a size small, and the fit is great in the shoulders and neck, but the length is too short. As long as you never raise your arms. Ever. You would be fine. Since it isn't exactly the type of top you typically layer over something, it doesn't work for me. If I sized up, it would be way too wide and big in the shoulders. Still, I love the shape and the color selection, so I carried it around the store until finally deciding that it just doesn't work for me. Petite girls, check it out.

Twirl Tee in Dark Grey Same as above, in the darker color. Size Small.

Wilton Cowlneck by Sunday Monday. Size X-Small.
(Now on sale.) Another in my quest for solid tee's. I love the relaxed fit, full-length sleeves and interesting neckline. I brought this home, but as a trial, and I am still on the fence.  I can't decide if it is too close to the other grey tee-ish tops I already own. Thoughts?

Tonalities Boatneck by One September. Size X-Small.
(Now on sale.) This top is a great take on a striped tee! The stripe placement is excellent, and the cotton was soft and comfortable. I love it. Only downside- I wish it had full sleeves. (You like my photo bomber? She joined me 1/2 way thru. :)

In Spades Blouse by Leifnotes. Size 4.
(Now on sale.) I picked this up purely for it's "Alice In Wonderland" vibe, as I have always loved Alice. The style is way off my normal compass. It is actually a very creative blouse, and the patterns and ruffles are well-placed. I thought it was neat, but not something I would end up incorporating well. Madison called it, "a little crazy."

Spit Hues Henley by Spendid. Size X-Small.
I'd like to know what method they used on the model shot to get this tee to look fitted, because in real life, it's a hot mess. I am wearing the smallest size, and still swimming in it. I loved the color combo, but  all that is lost on such an ill-fitting top. Too short, too wide.

Bagatelle Buttondown by Maeve. Size 4.
Who could resist a blouse with penguins? I have mentioned my love for penguins previously. I used to collect penguins as a child. (We always had to have the a/c on, year round.) I ran like a crazy person to this, as I did the penguin blouse from last year. Thankfully, this time the fit was great, so I could justify it's purchase, as opposed to last years version by Charlotte Taylor.
This blouse is substantial enough wear alone, but machine washable, since it's rayon- no dry cleaning worries. I think I'll wear this for Christmas. How festive?!

Clipped Dot Peasant Blouse by Leifnotes. Size 2.
I sized down to a size 2 in this blouse, and it was just right. I was drawn to the color and lace, but it also comes in navy. I looked at this both with and without the tie belt, and it works both ways, in my opinion. This looks much prettier on, than on the hanger.

Jemima Cowlneck by Rosie Neira. Size X-Small.
This is my first time trying on RN, as far as I know. This top is thin like a tee, but made of a wool sweaterish blend, thus making it feel like a sweater, and dry clean only. (Price tag also reflects t-shirt quality.) I am completely on the fence with this top. It's the only thing I stepped out of the dressing room for, to ask an opinion about fit. I felt like I could use a small for the shoulder room, but that would make the waist too wide, as I already had the bow cinched tight. It's cute, but I just can't decide how much I love it. Thoughts on this one?

Jeweled Collar Cowlneck by Leifnotes. Size X-Small.
(Now on sale.) I wish this came in any color but white! I love the shape and collar, but don't love the color on me. The sale price makes me re-consider a little, but I just don't think I would reach for it as often as I should....

That wraps up tops, next up...

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