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Anthropologie Fitting Room Reviews (Winter 2012) Sweaters

Next up are sweaters!

Spaulder Pullover by Lili's Closet. Size X-Small.
I was drawn to the beautiful lace back, and thought it would be a cute, comfy option for days I do shipment at work (it's always cold). However, the fit is so big and slouchy, it was uncomfortable. The arm-pits are very loose, as highlighted in the first photo. I tried on the smallest size, so going down isn't an option. I have a bin of lace a friend sent me, so I think I could easily re-create this at home. Pass.

Dimensional Doe Pullover by Charlie & Robin. Size X-Small.
I love color, so of course, I love the rainbow of color all over the front of this sweater. But the real reason I tried it on is because my husband is a hunter, and I thought it was an adorable take on a deer sweater.
It's very comfortable, with no wool content, so no itching. The fit is spot on, and I love the sleeve length. I have a feeling this will be a love/hate item, so I feel good about holding out for sale. Wishlisted. (Mine was fraying at the bottom edge, so check the yarn carefully before buying.)

Rose Snapshot Top by Moth. Size Small.
The product shot for this sweater does it no justice online, but thankfully I hadn't seen it when I went into the store. The front is single-layer silk, and the back, sides and sleeves are all light-weight sweater. I loved it instantly. It will require layering on cooler days, but purchased it, and already wore it with a dark bra underneath, and it's not sheer. Love it!

Houndstooth Windowpane Cardigan by Field Flower. Size X-Small.
I believe this could be worn front way, and back way, but it doesn't matter. The quality is so terrible I wouldn't wear it any way. The one I tried on was the only one in this store, since it was an online return, and I could see why. The one in these photos was already fraying, one button was missing, and the others were loose. I tried it on very carefully. Since trying this on, I have looked at several in other stores, and they all seem to have serious quality issues. I have no idea how these made it out of production to the stores in this condition. This is an example of design not matching execution. The fabric that holds the buttons on does not lend itself to wear and tear. Flop.

Peter-Pan Paillettes Sweater by Corey Lynn Calter. Size Small.
This gorgeous sweater was hiding behind several items in this store, so I had to do a little digging to find it, but it was worth it! Now on sale, this beautiful sweater is made of angora, but wasn't itchy, in my opinion. I tried on the small, because it looked to run small to me, and in the length, the small is right, but since the jeweled neckline is a bit heavy, an extra small my be the better choice. I love the catalog shot with the tulle skirt, and that would be a fantastic look for a party, but since I have no call for such a delicate and formal outfit, I have to let this beautiful sweater go. Sadly, a pass.

Skirted Fisherman Cardigan by Far Away From Close. Size X-Small.
This is another sweater I would never have noticed online, especially since the shot hides the beautiful back, and the print detail in the peplum edge (which peeks out when it moves). This store only had an extra small and a large, so my try-on options were limited, but thankfully, the extra small worked. This sweater does have a mild itch factor, but since I will only ever layer, I wasn't concerned.  I purchased this, and have already worn it to work, but I noticed after I got dressed and got to work that there is a small spot on the front edge collar where the yarn is pulling, like it was a quality error. So be sure to look yours over before purchase. This sweater is now on sale, and worth a second look.

Dimensional Petals Cardigan by Yellow Bird. Size Small.
I saw this online when upon it's debut, but wasn't sure if it would fit into my lifestyle. After seeing it in person, I wanted to at least give it a try-on. The small is a little bit roomy, and I could probably go down to an extra small, but I wouldn't. Since this is such a detailed sweater, and not something I'd reach for often, I would love to score on second cuts. FYI: this is wool and was itchy and would require a layer underneath. Reminds me of Anthropologie of old...

Dotty Knit Blazer by Cartonnier. Size X-Small.
I loved this blazer! Since it is knit, it is a bit more forgiving than a traditional blazer would be. This is an extra small, and I needed a small, which wasn't available at this store, but the shape is fantastic, and I love the polka dot detail and the contrasting trim. Wishlisted.

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