Thursday, November 1, 2012

Anthropologie Fitting Room Reviews (Fall 2012)

I am sorry about the huge gap of time between the last set and this. I have been slammed with work and family obligations, and even though I have been working on it slow and steady, it has taken me a while to get through them. I don't like to say something and not do it....
Here we go:

Repose Pocketed Henley by Left of Center. Size X-Small.
This tee is an interesting take on a basic item. It comes in loads of colors, but I was very attracted to the orange/red. In real life, the actual color is somewhere between the second and third picture. Sometimes I have a hard time getting the color to come out the same in photographs, with the light in the mirror. I took an extra small in this, and it fits great. I love the button detail in the back, which cinches the waist, and keeps the top from being too "flowy". I would love to hold out on this until it hits sale and get several colors.

Striped Thin-Ribbed Boatneck by Bordeaux. Size Small.
This is the same top by Bordeaux that I purchased last year in bordeaux (oh, the irony)! I was thrilled to see it's return in multiple solids and patterns. Since this is a top that I often reach for, I knew it would easily find a place in my closet. The only dilemma was which color to choose. I really need a grey sweater, so I picked up this one, thinking it would fit the bill, but since it is a tee, I decided to go for the striped version below. (Mechelle agreed, so it was a double vote.)
Striped Thin-Ribbed Boatneck by Bordeaux. Size Small.
I picked up both of these tops in a size small, but when I tried them on, they both felt bigger than the Banded Ripples Tee I already own, so I sized down to an extra small to purchase this one. They feel like the softest satin, and are casual comfy. I usually dress my other one up with jewelry, and I know I can do the same with this. Purchased.

Strollaround Tee and Dotted Jacquard Sweater Skirt. Both size Small.
I didn't pair these two items together intentionally, I was just going across the rack trying on my items, but they look cute, don't they? This tee is available in 2 colors, but I prefer the orange the best. I picked this up to layer under sweaters and jackets. I felt it to run right on size, and got the small in order to have room for it to shrink in the wash.
The skirt was also true to size, and very comparable to the Abstract Forest Sweater Skirt I got last year. I loved the fit and the colors, but since I have one so similar, I decided to hold out for sale. This is wool, so I would wear a 1/2 slip under it to keep the itch factor down.

AG Stevie Polka Dot Cords by AG. Size 28.
I have also been looking at these online. They are very cute and I think they look better than I thought they would. The more I thought about how to fit these into my wardrobe, the more I second guess myself. I like them, but I don't love them.
I am curious if you have tried these one, how would you wear them & what are your thoughts?

Shyle Sweater Shift by Sparrow. Size Small.
This is a fabulous dress. I love the cut and color. Mechelle and I agreed that I could size down in the top, but that would cause the overall shape of the dress to change, so a small is the right choice. This dress is boiled wool, and I didn't have a problem with itching, but it is not lined, so I would wear a slip. The only downside is that I find boiled wool to loose it's shape sometimes. I would hate to see that happen with this lovely shift.
This is like, not love for me, so I passed for now. (On a funny side note, the second picture makes me laugh because my runners tan is like a glaring neon light. BIG line on my arm, so you can tell I only run in shirtsleeves.)
Intarsia Dotted Sweater Shift by Sparrow. Size Small.
While I love the concept of this dress, the execution was lost in person. I love pattern and color as much as the next girl, but the double pattern on the chest is too much on me. Also, the waist is a little long on me. The fabric content is a mixture, and I found it a little itchy. This was an easy pass for me.  Especially when I found so many other things to love.
This wraps up my review set. Was there anything you loved/hated?

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