Saturday, September 1, 2012

Working World & A Surprise...

Thank you to those who have texted and emailed me with good wishes on my first week of work. And especially to those who offered advice and encouragement!
I LOVE it! (Ask me if I love it in 6 months!)
I am really learning a lot, and I love the people that I work with. I have already had some pretty high praise from the two managers I have worked with, so I am very excited about my future there. The hours are working out great with my family. I only had one really tight day last week with getting off, getting my little boy from Grandma (thank you, NORA!) and fixing dinner before football. Thankfully, I planned ahead, and knew exactly how I was going to work it all out. My kids have been super helpful and understanding, so far.
I have had a lot of people ask me if I am going to turn into a Gap blog. The short answer is "No." I still love me some Anthropologie, and will continue to shop heavily there. Gap has had a few floundering years, but is really turning things around, and I am excited to be working there and be able to see first-hand the new product. I have shopped there since I was a teenager, but mostly for my kids the last few years. Anthropologie really fills the need in me for more eclectic, vintage wear, and Gap is cranking out great basics right now. The jeans line just got re-vamp'd, interesting considering my recent jeans post. And working with customers and seeing what people love and gravitate towards is fascinating to me. So while I will still write about Anthro for the most part, I will also share things you should look for at Gap too. This blog has always been very organic for me, and I hope that the transition is natural. (Speaking of my love for Anthropologie, I have a very nice post coming up on that front. So keep an eye out!)
Now to the fun stuff! What I wore to work.
This outfit was a hit. The only downside is that I had about every other girl want to know where I got these pants, and if I could point them in the right direction. I had to wince every time someone asked...

Sweater: J Crew Tippi in Heart Me (same color, cheaper)
Shirt: J Crew Boy Shirt (similar, cheaper)
Pants: Target Mossimo Corduroy Pants
Shoes: AE, old (similar)
Did you catch the surprise?

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