Sunday, September 2, 2012

Leawood Anthropologie Anniversary Event

Reminder: Don't forget to send me your favorite jeans look. 

The day we got back from settling our son in at college, I had an invitation in the mail. It was the perfect pick-me-up for my sadness over saying goodbye. The invitation was for an anniversary celebration marking the one-year point of the store opening in Leawood. There were appetizers, drinks and a fashion show. I made arrangements for TJ's friend Kalika to go with me, and we attended the event, spent the night in Country Club Plaza Thursday night, shopped a little Friday morning, then went to Lawrence to show Kalika around KU and brought TJ back home for the holiday weekend.

I was thrilled to be invited, and equally thrilled to have Jay encourage me to attend. It was a lucky coincidence that I had planned to go up Friday, anyway, but it was still a tough swing to get away on a Thursday afternoon. I literally pushed off leaving Valley Center to the last minute, in order to work, pack, and watch my daughter's volleyball game warm-up. Jay came and tagged me out, so I could hit the road, and he attended her game. My family is so sweet and supportive of this hobby. I drove straight from Madison's school to Anthropologie without stopping (thank goodness for the beautiful rows of water glasses when I walked in!), and arrived just in time for the fashion show! I was immediately welcomed, and made to feel like a very special guest.

 These looks were styled by someone who has become a budding friend of mine, Leslie. I first met Leslie at the Country Club Plaza store just after we had moved to Kansas. During conversation with her, she shared that her dad is a pastor at the church we attend in Wichita. When the Leawood store opened, and she moved over there, I always looked for her on future visits, hoping to have the opportunity to catch-up. She has such a warm, engaging personality that I enjoy the chance to talk with her. People like her make shopping at Anthropologie a true pleasure. Come to find out, Leslie has been promoted, and I am so very glad her talent has been recognized within the company. Congratulations, Leslie!
I will identify as many of the pieces as I can. If you recognize any that I didn't put info for, feel free to share in the comments. Some of the models' shoes were their own.
Sweater: Ruffled Crochet Pullover
Scarf: Flocked Landscape Scarf
Pants: Pilcro Serif Printed Corduroy Leggings
Shoes: Suede Swaddled Wedges 
Necklace: Byzantine Floral Choker
Blouse: Gemma Peasant Blouse
Pants: AG Stevie Cord
Boots: Banded Riding Boots
Sweater: Pemaquid Cardigan
Dress: Embroidered Fountain Shift
Belt: Slouchy Bow Belt (similar)
Boots: Ridgecrest Boots (similar)

Blouse: Branched Copper Pullover
Pants: AG Stevie Ankle Color
Boots: Lyra Booties

Shirt: Netted Meridian Top
Dress: Patchwork Jacquard Dress
Boots: Similar
Earrings: Tara Swing Earrings (similar)
Bracelet: Vivi Bracelet
Belt: Two Tone Skinny Belt

Blouse: In Spades Blouse
Shorts: Coated Crinkled Shorts
Tights: Opaque Tights
Pumps: Similar
Blouse: Animal Kingdom Blouse
Pants: Pilcro Serif Cord
Coat: Asymmetric Cropped Peacoat
Boots: Ophidian Booties

Jeans: Patchwork Jeans
Shoes: Models Own- Aldo
Necklace: Similar
Sweater: Purl Hooded Poncho
Top: In Bloom Blouse
Pants: Pilcro Serif Cord Leggings
Boots: Banded Riding Boots (similar)

Coat: Leopardlily Coat
Top: Lace & Lines Pullover
Jeans: Pilcro Serif Legging
Shoes: Glittered Heel Bootie
Sweater: Tasseled Sweater Tee
Pants: Moody Bouquet Wide Legs
Necklace: Pennypack Amulet
Dress: Daytripper Dress
Jacket: Paprika Expedition Jacket
Tights: Opaque Photoflora
Boots: Banded Riding Boots
Sweater: Glimmered Pointelle
Dress (as skirt): Painted Ikat
Belt: Precisionist Belt
Shoes: Similar
Sweater: Looped Buds Cardigan
Dress: Feline Karma Dress
Belt: Arrow Tile Belt
Shoes: Models Own

Dress: Goldspun Paisley
Necklace: Electrolier Necklace
Shoes: Models Own
Earrings: Twinkling Cogs
Jacket: Ruffled Trench Coat
Dress: Striational Column (see below)
Shoes: Models Own

Shirt: Confetti Shrunken Button-down
Skirt: Tulipa Embroidered Skirt
Shoes: Lyra Booties
Necklace: Collection Necklace
Watch: Viscid Watch
Top: Peplum Ponte Tank
Skirt: Twill Cargo Mini (similar)
Necklace: Fire & Firmament Beaded Necklace
Shoes: Models Own- Aldo
Scarf: Fritillary Scarf
Top: Pin-tucked Buttondown
Pants: Persimmon Paisley Crops
Belt: Textured Buckle Belt
Shoes: Loafers Similar
Dress: Seeped Sinopia Dress
Belt: Bowline Dress

Note the cute blogger buns! I loved the line-up. The items we paired up in interesting, but wearable ways. And they were styled beautifully according to the models' body types.
Afterward, we were free to mingle, try on product, eat and drink.
I got to browse the store and chat with some of the associates. One in particular I was hoping to find was the lovely woman who spoke such kind words when I last visited.
Meet Bo! I got her name this time, and we exchanged info, so that we could keep in touch. Bo is the mother of two young preschoolers! Isn't she young looking? I was so glad to see her again.
Everyone was so kind to me, and spoke so encouragingly of the blog. It was a beautiful night! I hope to have the opportunity to attend future events. What a wonderful evening!
(Short review set coming up...)

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