Thursday, September 6, 2012

Mr. College Boy (And Some Other People)

Just a quick photo share:

Me & Mr. College Boy on the KU Campus.

A few photo's from the drive between Lawrence and Wichita for all my Kansas (and former Kansas) folks. Flint Hills.

 What I made m'self over the weekend. I was in desperate need of a makeup bag. So I made my own using scraps and some lace a friend sent me. Needed one big enough to hold both my Urban Decay Naked pallets.

Mr Handsome hanging on the playground. (He is second from left.)

Little Miss Volleyball Player.

What Mr. College Boy thought it would be a GREAT idea to send mom. NOT.
 Mr. Playa- who doesn't like his picture taken, so it has to be done on the fly. This is me following him around the Gucci store. He wants to live there.
 I love Dairy Queen dates with Mr. Playa.
 In addition to being very handsome, he has also added football to his resume. (Lineman, don'tcha know?)

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