Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Anthropologie Fitting Room Reviews (Early Fall 2012)

While at the anniversary event in Leawood this past week, I took a few minutes to try on just a small amount of items, choosing instead to spend my time enjoying the event and chatting with associates. This a short review set, but I hope it's helpful.
What I Wore:
Sweater: H&M, thrifted (similar, this too, same color)
Pants: J Crew Minnie in Vibrant Flame (cheaper, more muted)
Shoes: Anthro Stacked Strap Heels (similar silhouette, similar stack)
Necklace: Thrifted 
Emanation Cardigan by Sparrow. Size Small.
This was folded on a table, along with two other colors (yellow & pink), but the soft blue really caught my eye. This sweater reads basic, but feels like the softest sweater you've ever touched. The silver accents feel like lurex, but it wasn't uncomfortable. The length is not too short, like some of the other cardigans that are featured on the web site right now. I love this. Wishlisted.
 Floral Still Life Pullover by Angel of the North. Size Small.
This looked interesting, so I thought I would give it a try. It looks like wool, but it is cotton, and very soft. This is a blousy sweater, and with all the print going on, I didn't like that much blouse AND attention in the middle area. It's cute, but a pass for me.
Note: The arms fit perfectly in the small, so sizing down wouldn't help.

 Asymmetric Cropped Peacoat by LeifNotes. Size 4.
This is such a beautiful coat! The inside is lined in a floral fabric, so the attention to detail is spot-on, and the is a substantial weight. The only thing I worry about is that it is SO cropped that I am not sure how warm I would be...
The 4 was the right size to still be able to pull on over a sweater. I worry about wearing ivory, since I tend to spill coffee on myself regularly, but it does come in navy too. This is very ladylike. Worth a try-on.
 Loosened Ruffle Blouse by Vanessa Virginia. Size 4.
I accidentally grabbed the 2 in this the first go round (the euro sizing tricks me every time), and it fit, but was just a little too perfect, and I am a big fan of being able to breathe. So this one is the 4. I loved this blouse. I generally stay away from flutter sleeves, since I worry about my arms looking big, but these are more like a cap sleeve. The buttons come up pretty high on the chest, so no worries about showing off too much skin. I wanted to take this home, but I am really trying to be more careful about my shopping, and had just made a J Crew purchase during the last sale. Wishlisted.
 Patchwork Jacquard Dress by Leifsdottir. Size Small.
This is another one I tried in two sizes. I could go with either one, but I love the small the best, since I could layer under and over, and it could be worn with tights or without. Again, looks like wool, but is very very soft. I only chose a few things that night, but I picked some great things, and had a hard time walking away empty handed. You can see that the print is spotty a little better in the side photo below. It love that it is not a solid allover print. Wishlisted.

 Pure & Good Lounge Dress. Size X-Small.
I can't find a product link for this dress, but I loved it! It was so cute, but was so soft it would feel like wearing pj's all day! I could totally get away with wearing this to work, with a cute belt and flats. This was another that would work in either a Small or XS. I am keeping an eye out for this one. (Hurry up birthday discount!!!)
 No, this sign is not for sale, but I really want one! Wouldn't this be so neat in a home as a feature wall?
And last, I wanted to share this photo I took of one of the SA's because she looked so cute, and reminded me of my friend Mechelle. (Outfit details: Striped Spinnaker Blazer, Slubby V Neck Tee, Pilcro Serif Cord Leggings, Tara Swing Earrings)

What did you like from this set? Anything here you have tried on? Share your thoughts.

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