Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fall Favorites 2012 (Shoes)

With hints of cool air blowing in overnight here in the Heartland, I am dreaming of boots, tights and my favorite cold weather recipes.
Now that I am working, it would be so tempting to spend more money shopping, but my husband and I are tired of renting, so I am applying a large portion of my paycheck towards our home-building fund. This means that I am very carefully editing my shopping list. Here are a few shoes I have my eye on.
These come in cream as well, and since I am on my feet all day at work, I quickly realized that my collection of heels wasn't going to cut it. I have been browsing around for versatile flats to dress up jeans and pants. These look comfortable and well made, and the bow is just added cuteness. (Edit: Uh, oh! I just found this color too!)
I have had my eye on these for about a month. But since I don't have a Nordstrom, and I have never tried on anything by Halogen, I have hesitated pulling the trigger. Also, I love the black version as much as the tan, so I can't decide which I would order anyway. Any thoughts or suggestions?
These have been on the list for about 4 years, and I just keep trying to replace them with other less expensive brands. If I would have bought them in the first place, and saved all the money I spent trying not to buy them, I would have been a happy girl. The good thing is, these are available on Piperlime, so I can use my Gap rewards towards them. The bad news? There is also something else I want to use rewards for on Piperlime....

I have been sitting the fence with Tom's for years, but I think I am about to cave. I saw a coach at my daughters volleyball tournament Saturday wearing these with a funnel neck sweater, and they were adorable. Since I can't find the eyelet lace version anywhere anymore, this might be the version I go with.

What fall items are you dreaming of?

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