Sunday, August 5, 2012

Anthropologie Fitting Room Reviews (Late Summer 2012): Sweaters & Cardigans

Rainy Day Pullover by Field Flower. Size Small.
Field Flower knocks it out of the park again in the cute category. Consistently one of my favorites, they manage to take what could be kitchy and make it desirable. I love this sweater and its umbrella motif sister. The shape is casual, and works perfectly for my everyday wardrobe, and the fit is spot-on and flattering. I added the close shot so that you could see how cute the neckline is. An X-Small would have been too tight on my arms, so I recommend trying your next size unless you are petite. The drape lays just right to not come off as maternityish. This came home with me.
Note: This will not be worn with huge jeans, as shown.

Gathered Grace Cardigan by Vanessa Virginia. Size X-Small.
I had such high hopes for this cardigan after stalking it online. However, in person it was a disappointment. Those cute layers on the mannequin do not quite come out so smooth on my body. As you can see, I played with the button placement, and never got it right. Even the associate helping me was puzzled. Back to the rack.

Adonia Cardigan by RicRac. Size Small.
Here is another cardigan I was prepared to love. The neutral color and interesting ruching made it a sure-thing in my mind. But this was big and baggy, and not something sizing down would have helped. In addition, the miss-matched hem was confusing and added more disappointment. If you try this one, size down.

Eyelash Lace Pullover by Angel of the North. Size Small.
This was my first opportunity to try on anything from Angel of the North, but after talking with all my Polyvore buddies, I was intrigued.
You can see I still had my dark tank on, so that shows thru. A cami is a must-have with this top. This would go with so many items I already own, nevermind how cute it is with the pants (coming in the bottoms post). I found the wool blend to be just the right touch to avoid a high itch factor, but bear in mind, I have a fair tolerance. I will keep an eye on this.

New World Cardigan by Angel of the North. Size X-Small.
Here's another sweet number by Angel of the North, and since it was so flowy, I picked up the X-Small. That was a mistake in the shoulders and arms. This was a snug fit, so even though it is loose in the body, go with the larger of your normal sizes. This was cute, but for the life of me, I couldn't quite figure out how I would wear it. I tried it on over practically everything I had in the dressing room. I just can't justify it's purchase. If you have ideas or bought this, let me know in the comments what you thought...
Cavern Cardigan by Vanessa Virginia. Size X-Small.
I absolutely loved this cardigan. It is a great basic, and since I don't have a white sweater, it would fit the bill perfectly. The X-Small was just right, and as you can see works great over tanks and tee's. It is hard to see in my shot, but the arms are almost ribbed or stripes, which I also appreciate. Wishlisted.
Tied Illusion Pullover by Hi There (Karen Walker). Size X-Small.
Something you should know about the day I tried this on.... I was in Tulsa, OK and it was 110 degrees. So there I am burning up in the dressing room, and by the time I got to this sweater, I was getting tired, and losing my patience for dress-up. But this was SO cute I had to give it a try. As hot as it was, it was adorable! This is a very nice shift in the normal Anthro sweaters, and I admit, I am suckered. I think this would just be too cute to wear around Christmas. Especially with an unexpected bottom. The X-Small was just fine for me in this, and I like the sleeve length. This seems like a winter release, not late summer, so I'm going to hold out for sale, but I would love to have it.
Note: Slightly itchy

That wraps up sweaters.
Up next: Bottoms

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