Monday, August 6, 2012

Anthropologie Fitting Room Reviews (Late Summer 2012): Bottoms

 AG Malibu Bermudas. Size 28.
The link above is for the printed version. As of the time of this writing, the color you see is unavailable online, but you can find the ivory here, pindot black here, and navy printed here (prints now on sale, solids full price). If you like this color, try a store search. There were plenty at this store.
I went with my normal AG size 28, and they fit beautifully. This is the first pair of jean shorts I have tried in YEARS that I actually loved. I wish the price point were not as high as a regular pair of jeans! But I will stalk these for sale.

 River School Skirt by Meadow Rue. Size 4.
This cute skirt reminds me of a postcard print. I couldn't wait to try it on, but the fit was off a little for me. I felt like the waist band was right, but the hips were snug- and I don't have a lot of hips. If I were to size up to the size 6, the waist would be too big. Overall, it was nice, but not something I liked enough to want to try another size.
Note: Normally I am not bothered by pattern matching on seams, but in this case, I admit it did bother me a little. (see side view) Fully lined with some nice lace detail inside.

 Beryl Skirt by Yoanna Baraschi. Size 4.
I love the consistent sizing from YB, and this one fit perfectly as well. The mixture of dots and floral is one of my favorite combos. This color combination is not one I normally go for, but I loved it. The additional fabric pleating/draping across the front adds to a slimming effect instead of bulk. The execution is spotless on this lightweight skirt. Wishlisted.
Note: Fully lined, dry clean.

 Gilded Estate Skirt by Yoanna Baraschi. Size 4.
Following the same pattern cut as the Peppering Skirt, we see the Gilded Estate. This was another skirt I was admiring online. I love the bright color and the print is expertly placed. This fit exactly like my Peppering Skirt. Wishlisted.
Note: Fully lined, dry clean.

 Olmeda Pencil Skirt by Tabitha. Size 4.
Maybe I was overly wow'd by the Baraschi skirts, but this one was a complete flop on me. The fit looks fine, and I am always in favor of a fully lined skirt, in order to eliminate the need for a slip, but this lining was made of acetate, which slips horribly. Just standing and moving to take photo's of this skirt caused it to slide up. In addition to the lining issues, this is another pattern mistake. From the side, it looks like 2 eyes peeking out. This had such potential on the table, but on my body it was a no-go. Pass.

 Sequined Migration Mini Skirt by Leifnotes. Size 4.
I have been dying to show you this adorable skirt!!! I can't find the product name/link, but will add it as soon as it becomes available. The day I was in the store, this skirt had just been put on display.  I absolutely loved it. You can see it is very short. I would only be able to wear this with tights, but it would be so cute with knee boots and dark tights and heels. I hope short skirts is not becoming a trend. I want this one badly!
Level 99 Denim Pencil Skirt. Size 27. (Sold out online)
I am not one for jean skirts as it invokes bad childhood memories, (long story) but I wanted to try this dark wash skirt just for kicks. I picked up the 27, because it looked like it had a lot of stretch. This is a very fitted skirt, but I would recommend sizing down one size, as it seems like it would stretch throughout the day. Pass for me.

 AG Simona. Size 28.
I love my AG Farrah's so much I wanted to try a different cut. I can't make up my mind about these. When I had them on, they felt very comfortable, but in the pictures I feel they just look bulky. Maybe that is because I had them on with so many flowy tops, but I am honestly not sure what else I would wear them with. The 28 fit well in the waist, but these are loose fitting jeans, so the wide leg is the way they are supposed to look. Thoughts?

 Nella Trousers by Corey Lynn Calter. Size 6.
You can see in the tops post I kept these pants on while trying several things on. They are very versatile. They fit like my Dixie Crops, but have a feature I love even more- the back zip. I didn't sit down in them, so I can't speak to that being a problem, but I love how it streamlines the overall look. Also, the flat pocket helps keep things smooth. Size up from your normal skirt size in these pants. Wishlisted.
 Switchback Yoga Pants by Lolly. Size Small.
This was my first time looking at anything from Lolly. I really liked these lounge pants. They are not something I would wear out of the house, typically, but at this start price point, I could pick them up on sale for some comfy house pants. Sized up for the booty room. The fit was soft and comfortable.

Wandering Wave Skirt by Bordeaux. Size 4.
This was a last-minute add on the way to the dressing room. It's cute, but very snug in the hip. Typical Bordeaux knit wear. If you are looking for a pencil shape with all day comfort, this just might be your skirt. I recommend it.

That wraps ups this review set. Anything added to your wishlist?

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