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Anthropologie Fitting Room Reviews (Late Summer 2012): Tops

 Devin Henley by Vanessa Virginia. Size Small, Grey Motif.
I am a sucker for a henley top. I love the scoop on the sides, since I feel it adds visual interest to the waistline. Especially with a great pair of jeans or pants. This one is casual but the texture adds interest to the front. I sized up to a small, based on looking at it, and that was the right choice. This fit perfectly, and would fit into my lifestyle effortlessly. Wishlisted.
 Reflections Cowlneck Tank by RicRac. Size Small.
This was an add-on while walking to the fitting room to try with a skirt that will be coming along shortly. It reminds me of a top from last spring. I should have sized down to an X-Small, since this was rather loose on top. Still, I continue to be thrilled that RicRac has returned to the Anthro scene. I have already picked up this top for a steal, and I look forward to adding more to the collection.

 Caravan Patchwork Top by RicRac. Size X-Small.
While we are talking about RicRac, lets talk about this top. This is another example of how smaller girls are sized out. I have the X-Small on here, and it was loose. I am just an average size, so I know it has to be frustrating to be small and not be able to buy a top you love. This was cute, but I don't wear a lot of white or cream, and definitely not enough to warrant a casual tank like this. I do really love the orange embroidery, and the tie waist gives you options on where to have it sit on your body. Back to the rack.

 Cherai Top by Lilka. Size Small.
Lilka is one of my favorite lounge brands, so I picked up this top to try on as potential under cardigans. It works for that, but again, I don't wear much white, so I should have tried the navy version. You can see that the back puckers a little. I think that is because it truly is meant for loungewear. But I love the smocking so much, I doubt I could leave this in a nightie drawer. I will check back on this one come sale. Adjustable straps.
 Carissa & Cobalt Blouse by Maeve. Size 4.
I only picked this up because it was so different than anything I already have. I am really trying to not get into a fashion rut. This was very nice, but I am really not sure how well it fits into my existing wardrobe. I do like the length and the collar style, but continuing my picky shopping trend, it is not a must-have.
 Striped Flight V-Neck by Deletta. Size X-Small.
I guess I felt the need for a white or cream top the day I went to Anthro. This is another one that doesn't work on me. It runs small in the body, including the chest, but is so low cut that sizing up would not work for me either. I thought the layers would be flattering, but I find them to be unflattering. This is available in a greyish blue color as well, and that might be better, but it is sheer and I don't like it enough to try. Back to the rack.

 Sagiso Blouse by Dolce Vita. Size Small.
This blouse was adorable, and fit perfectly. The X-Small would have been too tight across the chest and shoulders. I love it just as seen with a pair of "hot pants". I have on a dark tank underneath, as it is unlined. Not a bad choice in this case, as that adds to versatility. Will keep an eye on this top.
Cotton, not knit- no stretch.

 Anila Blouse by Yoanna Baraschi. Size Small.
This is another blouse that I tried on strictly on a whim. This is way outside my normal comfort zone. As you can see, I took several photo angles. That is because the cross front of this blouse didn't quite lay right in my case, and I was having a hard time photographing that. Otherwise, the fit was good. The X-Small would have caused some pulling on the front, but this seemed to gap. I was wearing the tank I mentioned under the previous top, and it would be necessary in this top as well. Pass for me.

 Washed Chambray Buttondown by Cloth & Stone. Size Small.
This top is listed incorrectly listed as Bella Dahl online. I grabbed a photo of the label to verify this. (That may be useful info if you already know your go-to size in Cloth & Stone.)
I fell in love with this top the instant I pulled it over my head. It feels like heaven. As of now, I have tried on this same top twice. It's probably time for me to commit.
The small was perfect. Could be worn untucked, as you see, or tucked into a skirt or trouser. I love the back detail, including the high/low hemline. Wishlisted.

 Perched Corsage Top by RicRac. Size X-Small.
This is exactly the type of visual interest for which I always loved RicRac. They take a basic shape and add the best details. This top was great! I loved it with a cardigan you will see in the next set. The X-Small fit perfectly, so size down in this one. Wishlisted.

 Twirled Crepe Tank by RicRac. Size Small.
I hated this the moment I put it on. I love the embroidery detail, but this simply came off as a maternity top. Which is excellent, if you are expecting a baby while trying to fill your Anthro cravings. I immediately thought of my cousin, who is expecting a baby. This would be perfect on her. Big pass for me.

That wraps up tops.
Next up: Sweaters and Cardigans

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