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Anthropologie Fitting Room Reviews (Late Summer 2012): Dresses

 Limerick Maxi Chemise by Bordeaux. Size X-Small.
By now you know of my love for Bordeaux. They continue to knock it out of the park in the constantly coming new arrivals. This cutie felt like I was wearing the most comfortable nightie ever. I love the color mix and the comfort of the fabric. This would be great for layering with a long-ish flowing cardigan, as well as with a solid tee underneath, or a jean jacket and a statement necklace. This came home with me, but I have yet to pop the tags.

Scrolled Column Dress by Bailey 44. Size Small.
In another round of these body slimming dresses, we see a textured version. This style is possibly my least favorite, but I think that is because I am partial to the sleeved versions. I tried on the small in this version, even though my other dresses are a medium. I think this one fits a little differently, in that the lacy layers stay more flat than the other versions, and this one hits well over the top of the knee. I find this an excellent execution, to off-set the lack of sleeves. (As my grandmother would say, "Expose your shoulders or your legs, but not both.") If you have never tried on a Bailey 44, I highly suggest giving it a shot. You will be pleasantly surprised.

 Given Then Gathered Column Dress (in stripe) by Bordeaux. Size Small.
Some of you may remember I got this dress in solid navy (still available here) to wear to my oldest son's high school graduation. Soon after, I noticed this striped version newly available. I was so disappointed that both were not released at the same time, feeling like I would have chosen the striped version first. However, upon trying this version on, I feel like I made the correct choice. The striped is adorable, but the fit is a little different, with a little more bunching in the waist, that feels more noticeable to me. I should point out that I did not bring a belt into the dressing room to add, and that may make a difference  in how the waist looks. I did LOVE the stripes, and how they add interest to the pleats (see side shot), but not enough to convince me that it would have been the better choice. This dress is currently available on a limited time sale price.

 Native Birds Dress by Maeve. Size 4.
Since I am a sucker for anything birds, I had to give this one a try- even though I am on an anti-strapless kick right now. This one fit great, and I love the print as well as the cut, but it is a no-go, due to the lack of straps. I love the craftsmanship, and would love to keep an eye out for a 2nd cut price, since that would compensate for needing to wear a cardi over it. (Think dress, Jackie cardi, tights, boots, long necklace= Cute Fall Look!)

Beach Treasures Dress by Meadow Rue. Size 4.
This dress was an epic fail. As you can see, I was barely holding it on enough to snap a quick photo. It ran very small compared to other Anthro brands (I only grabbed a size 4, nothing bigger to try). I was intrigued by the twisted straps and the waist detail, but even what little I could see by trying to close it, the pleating and puckering on the waist was a hot mess. I didn't like it enough to try another one, but if you give it a try, size up at least one size, maybe more.

Flared Anabelle Dress by Maple. Size 4.
This dress literally made me feel like a princess. I have been eyeing it online for quite some time, so I was thrilled to see my size in the store. The fit was spot on, and I love the combination of pattern print and vintage styling. The underlayers also added to the whimsy. This dress could be cloned in every color and pattern and I think I would adore them all. Unfortunately, I have NO WHERE to wear this beauty. That being said, I think I might keep an eye on it for sale cuts.
Side Note: The Fitting Room Attendant said every girl who tried this on had to twirl, so of course, I obliged.

Dixie Dot Dress by Vanessa Virginia. Size 4.
How cute is this easy dress? I love the polka dots, as well as the waist pleating and the notch in the side hems adds more detail to this versatile piece. I found the waist to be slightly short, so if you are on the tall size, you might want to size up. Petite girls should be just right. Wishlisted.

Vinca Minor Dress by Weston Wear. Size Small.
I wasn't gonna do it. But when I saw this dress in person, I fell in love with the texture and interesting details. Those are things that don't show up in an online perusal. This fit beautifully, and I loved the modest round neckline as well as the tulle detail in the hem (see side photo). This is definitely a stand alone dress, that could be styled as simply as a heeled sandal and stud earrings. Worth the second look.

Scalloped Stripes Dress by Bordeaux. Size Small.
I tried on the navy/white version of this dress before the red was available in any of my nearest stores, so I was happy to be able to try it. I had sizing issues with the white, so I wondered if that would spill over to the red. I'm happy to say it didn't. I thought the small fit just right. The X-Small in the white seemed like a short-waisted dress. This doesn't feel like it looks. It looks ver structured, but in person, it is actually knit and gives a bit. I like this dress, but I don't think it is one that I would reach for often. Back to the rack.

Diamondflower Mini Dress by LeifNotes. Size Small.
This dress interested me, both by the pattern and by the cut of the shoulders. As you can see in the photo's, I needed to size down to avoid a huge gaping problem in the under arm area. That being said, I did really like this dress, and would love to try on the X-Small in the future. There was a similarly styled dress last year in lightweight denim that I let slip through my fingers. I will be keeping an eye on this one.

That wraps up dresses. What did you like/dislike? Any favorites?
Next up: Tops

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  1. Rip those tags off, you are perfection in that first dress! You look so toned and gorgeous in all of them, truly. Not sure if it makes a difference, but I own the bird dress and it does come with removeable straps. Love the vinca minor, swooning for it in my own closet! And your back is amazing in the last dress. Choosing between all these lovelies is not easy! Thanks for the reviews.