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Anthropologie Fitting Room Reviews (Late Summer 2012 Pt. 2) Sweaters & Jackets

Next up are sweaters and jackets (plus a little bonus at the end...)

 Spun Stripes Pullover by Field Flower. Size X-Small.
I noticed this under the Ruffled Flight Cardigan in the catalog, and thought it was a tee shirt. When I saw it in store, I wondered about the fit and true layering potential.
The X-Small would work fine, if I were using it as a layering piece, but otherwise, it's too tight in the shoulders and arm seams.  This sweater is very lightweight and sheer (you can see the top of the jeans underneath), so worn alone, I would need a cami. It is also overall more fitted in the shoulders and chest, and loose in the waist and hem. It's not what I would call an a-line, but just isn't tight in the body.  I liked it, but would have liked to try the Small. The bow detail is adorable, and the stripes are interesting.

 Looped Buds Cardigan by Guinevere. Size Small.
Narrow ribbon sewn in swirls over top of this printed cardigan caught my eye, as I am heavily drawn to texture. This is cotton sweater is not heavy, and feels and lays like a J Crew Jackie. I like the button work better than my Jackie cardigans. It is bias tape seamed down the front. I wish J Crew would go to this, because sometimes my Jackie's bunch up on the button seam when I wash them.
The layering potential is endless with this cardigan. I love it!
(You can see the styling of these two sweaters on this product page.)

Tiered Ruffles Open Cardigan by Angel of the North. Size Small.
I was so excited to see this cardigan that I didn't even catch it was the same as the online version I was just perusing. This reads very differently in person.
This sweater fit like a dream! The size small was just right. I love the basic color, but the ruffles add so much whimsy. I told Amber that this was like a mullet: Business in the front, party in the back!
I highly recommend that you try this one on.
Note: I tried on two colors in my store, but online there are four.
Turquoise- more of a slate blue.
Pink- very pale shade.
Yellow- more mustard colored (see review below).

Lace & Lines Pullover by Deletta. Size Small.
I tried on the Small and the X-Small in this top, and like the comfort of the Small. The lace top does not give, so the shoulders were tight on me.
My store had both colors, and I stood there debating which one to pick up, because I liked them both. In the end, the orange is so different from anything I have, I decided upon it.
This tops looks perfect just as shown with denim! But it would work with other things I have, and is light enough to be able to tuck into a waistband, as well. The weight is a cross between a light sweater and a heavy tee.
Deletta is also one of my old favorites, and this sweater is just what I love about unique Anthropologie pieces, incorporating mixed materials and interesting detail.

Tiered Ruffles Open Cardigan by Angel of the North. Size Small.
Here is the mustard version mentioned above. Fit was the same, but I preferred the darker color.
Amber added this combo to my room, and it's adorable. I was trying to hurry thru try-ons, but this was too cute to pass up. Blouse reviewed in my previous post.

Moretown Jacket by Tabitha. Size 4.
This plaid pattern takes me back to my high school grunge scene, but the ruffles and texture give an updated feel to the nostalgia. However, that all died for me when I started to itch through the lining. It probably didn't help that I had on a short sleeve shirt, but I didn't like the jacket enough to deal with layering.
The fit on the size 4 was just fine. It works for having enough room to wear a sweater underneath and still close comfortably. The front has hook and eye closures and a long sash at the waist.
I think this length will work just fine for petite girls, since it's a shorter length overall.
I have a high itch tolerance, but this was too much for me. Pass.

Ruffled Trench Coat by Elevenses. Size 6.
I have other coats by Elevenses, and normally I need to size up to accommodate the underarm and shoulders, so I took a 6. I quickly realized I would need to go down to a 4 or possibly even a 2 to buy this trench. It was very big on me.
The craftsmanship on this coat is top-notch! I love the closure options, and the luxurious lining. There is a sturdy zipper, multiple double-breast style buttons, and a large hook and eye closure at the neck, as well as a long sash. The ruffles take a basic trench coat up a level, and I love it.
I would like to give this one another try-on in a smaller size. Wishlisted.
Note: The online color description is navy. This reads very dark in person- more on the black side.

Flecked Peplum Jacket by Tabitha. Size 6.
As you can see, I sized up in this jacket too. I like to have room in my jackets to be able to comfortably wear them over sweaters or other multiple layers. There was plenty of room with this jacket for layering.
This jacket is fully lined, and the structure is great. It is heavy enough to hold its shape without being stiff. The large buttons open and close easily, and the pleating hits at the right level to give great shape to the waist line. Fabulous color! Wishlisted.

The jeans I have on in these pictures are the J Brand 29" Skinny, size 28. There are a couple of washes in this cut. They fit nicely, but I am coming to prefer a higher rise. That being said, if you like a mid-rise, give them a try.
The striped cowlneck I tried on a couple of these sweaters and jackets with is the Striped Frequency Cowlneck by Louise et Charlotte, size small. This is a great top to pair with all types of sweaters and cardigans. Very comfortable, soft rayon. (Yay for machine wash!)
Also, I took a look at the Shirting Cardigan by Field Flower in both the gray and the green colors. I didn't take the time to try them on, but here are my thoughts: If you like the look of layering, but not the pairing, give these a try. They are fool proof, out the door looks. I thought both colorways were well executed pairings. If you like the versatility of being able to build multiple looks with many button-down shirts and sweaters, you will not like them. That being said, I don't hate them, I just like options. :)

That wraps up this set of reviews. I hope to get back to the store to try on more of the fall arrivals in the next few weeks. Including more coats and jackets as they are released. Hope this helps! Happy Shopping!

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