Tuesday, August 21, 2012

An Announcement....

A few weeks ago, I was in Gap with my little boy looking for school clothes (our Gap is like a city block, includes Gap/GapBody/GapBaby/GapKids), and got into a very interesting discussion with the manager about the company: it's hiring/scheduling policies, and employment. I was intrigued, so I asked about part time work, and was highly encouraged to apply online. My biggest concern was my lack of hands-on retail experience. I have not worked outside my home since I had my oldest child 18 years ago. I was assured I would be given a fair shot, and encouraged to share my love of fashion if I were granted an interview.
Thankfully, I did get that chance, when I interviewed about a week later. I had a great talk with the hiring manager, easily answering all her questions and asking a few of my own. She was very positive, and told me I did great, and a few days later, called and offered me the job.
This is going to be a very big change for our family, as my husband and kids have relied upon me to take care of most household/family responsibilities. They are all supportive and excited for me, and I now have my in-laws' help as well, since they moved to our town. (I HOPE they are this enthusiastic when they have to help with dinner or other chores!) Figuring out a new routine and scheduling will be interesting for the next few weeks, but I am very excited to get started. I have orientation and training starting tomorrow.
So... What does a girl wear to an interview at Gap? (I'm glad you asked.)

Shirt: Target (find it here, love this one, this one's cute too)
Skirt: Trina Turk, thrifted (similar printlove this one, similar-ish, crazy about this one)
Studded leather belt, thrifted (skinny version, very similar, closest i've seen)
Shoes: Anthropologie Stacked Strap Heels (general shape, in a funky pattern, classic)
Bracelet: J Crew leather wrap (darker here, same color, stackable here)
Just for fun, I put together a similar silhouette using Gap products- in honor of my new job.
Okay, all you working girls, any suggestions or tips for me? I'm open to all help!


  1. I've had more experience in retail than I care to admit. Clothing stores are fun but they're also the roughest because they're the busiest! Esp holidays! Just don't be afraid to walk away from rude customers--if they're rude no matter what you're doing to help them, it's ok to walk away (and send a manager over). Unfortunately I've been both the sales associate and the manager! Just don't spend all of your paycheck there!

  2. Well of course you got the job- you're very stylish AND smart. I'm excited for you to have something new- this will be a fun endeavor in life!