Saturday, August 18, 2012

Anthropologie Fitting Room Reviews (Late Summer 2012 Pt.2) Dresses & Blouses

A few new arrivals reviews for you.

Daytripper Dress by LeifNotes. Size 4.
I must admit, I saw this dress online and didn't give it much of a second look. In the store, the texture caught my eye, and I immediately wanted to try it on. This is another reason I love to shop in the bricks and mortar locations.
Once I had it on, I had to show somebody (I was there alone), so I asked my SA Amber what she thought. Part of me was afraid it was just me, but we agreed it is a fantastic dress! This is a slip over style with a side vent zip, and the sash is adjustable. I had on a nude bra, and didn't find the white top to be a problem. I will either pin or add a tiny snap to the cross front top to make sure it stays closed well.
I think my favorite feature is the bell skirt, which is polyester, and which I love- along with the acetate lining in a contrasting maroon color. This feels very high end to me, and I was surprised at the start price. I made an exchange and brought this home with me immediately.
I plan to wear it with my flats for now and with tights, boots and a cardi in the winter.

Lace & Chambray Shirtdress by HD in Paris. Size 2.
The girls at Anthro told me they had just put this out on the floor the same day. They were excited to see what I thought of it. I accidentally picked up the size 2 instead of the size 6, thinking that HD usually runs small on me. I didn't realize the mistake until I took it off. (Their size label includes Euro sizing, and when I am in a hurry, I don't always read it carefully.)
I really liked this dress, and can see why it is generating so much buzz in the community. I like the versatility, including the belting options like the one Amber included in my fitting room. (I can't find it online. Help?)
To make sure the buttons don't pull, I would suggest trying this in your normal size first. The entry is the button front. However, when I unbuttoned to take this dress off, two of the buttons were loosing threads, and very loose, so check yours carefully. There is a sheer lining under the lace top portion, which if worn with nude undergarments works fine in my opinion.
This was like, not love for me, partly because I had already tried on the first dress and fallen in love. I would love to hear your feedback on this one.

 Hadean Mesh Chemise by Lilka. Size Small.
I picked this up in the loungewear section because I like Lilka and I thought the print was interesting. Usually in loungewear, I go up one size if I am thinking about wearing as an outfit piece. That made this a little too big, but especially because it seems like there are construction problems. If you look carefully, the front neckline is sticking straight out from my chest like it's rolling down.
This is made of nylon mesh similar to the Flared Caraz, and is double layered- not like lining, since both layers are very light. This would still need a 1/2 slip to be worn out and about, I think. I should have tried the X-Small, but my guys were waiting on me, and I didn't want to ask for another size. Cute, but needs another look.

Avian Myth Shift by Floreat. Size 4.
Floreat is back, and bringing some interesting prints with them. (See here, here and here.) Unfortunately, it seems to sacrificing proportion. I knew this dress was going to be WAY short, but I thought it would work as a great tunic with tight jeans and flats. So I tried it on that way. This didn't work on many levels. One, the hip is very fitted, so I had a hard time getting it over jeans. Two, the top is so loose, it feels unflattering. Even without the pants/jeans, it wouldn't work on me. The fabric embroidery, exposed back zip and gold hem were beautiful. Too bad the fit was so off.
I was very excited to see a Floreat item, since some of my most favorite dresses and blouses are from that designer, but they have a long way to go to get back in my Anthro favorites list.

 Descending Peplum Blouse by Maple. Size 4.
Well, I guess I was on a polyester run Thursday, because here is another offering I really liked. After all the Anthro disappointment, my new problem is that I am finding more and more things I love when I go to try things on. I have to prioritize!
This was a great blouse and I loved the structure of it. The shoulders and sleeves felt great, and despite the strong detail, I feel like this would work with many bottoms (and even dresses) I already own. I covered the waist in these photos with a belt I had in my dressing room, but it is a simple elastic waist, and many types of belts would work well.
I highly recommend this beautiful top!

Mystery Blouse by LeifNotes. Size 2.
Amber pulled this out of the stock room to add to my set of try-ons, and told me she hadn't put it out on the floor yet. Obviously it is very new, since I can't find it on the website either.
Made of sheer pleats, this navy top is scattered with tons of petals along the neckline, and has a tie front. The waist is elastic fitted. You can see how she paired it with a new Angel of the North sweater in my next set of reviews.
I will update the link info when I find it.

I tried on a few coats and jackets, so there is a second set of reviews coming.

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