Thursday, August 23, 2012

You Asked For It

The response to my posts written about my family life has been overwhelming. I feel like I sound like a broken record, but I can't tell you how much it means to me to have your encouragement and concern for my family.
Last week, I had the most embarrassing turned amazing situation. I was at first mortified then overwhelmed.
As you may remember, Jay and I took our son to college last week. We drove up Wednesday evening, then attended Parent/New Student Orientation Thursday all day, moved him into his dorm on Friday, and returned home. I tried very much to keep off that subject both in the blog and in daily activities last week, because my emotions were so close to the surface.
We had the opportunity to meet TJ's roommate and his parents on Thursday at orientation, and made arrangements to meet up for dinner as a group that evening in Leawood. This gave us time to let Jay take TJ shoe shopping and for me to hit J Crew and Anthro before dinner.
I noticed that Madewell was very close to Anthropologie, and I had never had an opportunity to see a store location (only shopped online), so I ran in to take a turn thru the store and try a few things on. While browsing, I noticed one of the employees looked very familiar to me, and when we looked at each other, she said the same thing to me. So we got to talking, and she told me she was recruited from Anthro to run the new Madewell store. She asked about my family, and I told her what we were in town for, and we talked for a long time about college and opportunity, as well as the retail world (I told her about my new job). Can I just tell you, she gave me great feedback about joining the working world, was very encouraging about my ability to engage customers, and was excited about all the things going on in our family. I walked away thinking, "Wow! You feel like you are so alone sometimes, but she remembered me, and remembered parts of my life."  I was amazed.
On to Anthropologie.... I decided to return this and this after finding out I got the job, because I really wanted more things that would fit into a work wardrobe easier. So I set about doing my usual store routine browsing around the walls of the store and working my way in, and gathering things to try on. While I was in the fitting room, Jay called to say they were finished and heading my way. I asked him to bring my returns in so I could exchange.
I wrapped up and headed to the register, and while checking out, chatted as usual with the salesgirl. As I was about finished the salesgirl one register over said, "I just want to tell you, I am so glad I was here when you came in." Um, huh?
She said, "I read your blog every day, and I just love it. I saw your husband and son and knew you were here somewhere." I wanted to crawl under the desk I was so mortified. I know that might seem absurd. I mean, I put myself "out there" every time I post or add photo's, but in some ways, I still feel invisible. This was the first time I've ever been out and someone recognized me. I told her I was shocked and happy to meet her, and my cashier said, "Oh, yeah, we all read your blog." Again, I was shocked. Not unhappy, just shocked! But here's what got me. The first girl (Darn my brain! I WISH I had asked for her name!) said, "I have kids, and sometimes I feel like I will never get it right. When you talk about your kids, I can relate to that."
The ways blogging has changed my life will continue to be a surprise to me.  I never thought I would meet all of the amazing women I have had the opportunity to meet- whether virtually or in person. I count myself one lucky girl. It is risky to put yourself out like this. I love fashion, probably too much. But I adore my family, and to have someone say, "I can tell. It shows. I feel like I know you." I mean that just blows my mind. And I am grateful. They were excited about my job opportunity as well, and promised to come visit me in Wichita. I am thrilled for the visit!
When I told Jay and TJ what happened, they said, "Oh, well when we walked in, they said, 'Oh hey guys, the couch is over there and empty.'" They were like, "Okay, we're supposed to sit and not touch anything!" Haha.
Orientation Day
What I Wore:
J Crew Haberdashery Shirt (here, cheaper here)
J Crew Cafe Capri in Warm Jade (here, cheaper here)
J Crew Jackie Cardigan (here, i like this too)
Steve Madden Karisma Bow Flat (similar, i like these too, and these)
J Crew Link Bracelet (here, similar & cheaper)

Me and my Bud

TJ's nice, big dorm room.

Saying Goodbye
What I Wore:
Gap 1969 Real Straight Distressed Jeans (here, similar & cheaper)
Shirt: J Crew Perfect Buffalo Check (similar)
Sweater: J Crew Tippi in Heart Me (here)
Shoes: Grey Chuck Taylors (here)

So now that I know you care about my family, you are going to be hearing about them more...
You asked for it! :)

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