Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I'm Trying...

I got a couple of messages from my readers this past week wondering where I went. I have to admit, part of me was honestly thinking, "It doesn't matter if I blog, no one reads anyway..." And the other part really has been busy. Thanks for telling me that you do read. I work hard to have balance in my life, and that includes not putting too much focus on fashion- as much as I love it.
I have spent the last two weeks preparing for my oldest son's graduation this Sunday. My family starts arriving today, so I do the mad dash to finish up preparing for company. I haven't seen my Memaw in a year, so I am jumping out of my skin excited to pick her up from the airport this afternoon.
That being said, I am leaving you with a few iPhone pics I took, sending outfits to my text buddies.

Pieced Column Dress, Anthro
Tie-front Cardigan, Kenzie (thrifted)
Leather Capri Sandals, J Crew
Leather Wrap Bracelet, J Crew
On a day trip to take our son to visit Kansas University
Flourishing Stripes Tank, Anthro
Chino Shorts in Modern Red, J Crew
Converse in Charcoal, DSW

Family day to see the Avengers
Drapey Bubbled Tee, Anthro
Gap Perfect Shorts, thrifted
Unearthed Necklace, Anthro
Omnifarious Bracelet, Anthro
Guess Wedges, DSW

Bible Study, Hair Appt, Kid Stuff
White button down,  J Crew
Jersey Knit Maxi Skirt, Target
Wooden Animal Necklace, thrifted
Wooden Earrings, thrifted
Clasp Construction Belt, Anthro
Sandals, thrifted
Hope all of you are having a good week. If you think of me, say a prayer this weekend. LOTS of family in town+son graduating= Emotional Mommy.

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