Monday, May 7, 2012

Sorry For the Absence...

I took a few OOTD photo's this past week, but couldn't find the cord to connect the camera to the computer. (It wanted a hiatus, apparently.)
Here is my look from last Monday.

Dress: Equinox Stripe Maxi, Anthro
Sweater: Target, thrifted
Shoes: Clarks Wellfeet, DSW
Tank: Target
Beads: Thrifted

 This was one of the dark eye/lip gloss days. I tried to get a close-up for you, but it was a very sunny day, and I kept squinting. So basically you got a great look at my crows feet.

We have had quite a few stormy evenings. My little boy is terrified of bad weather, and I have tried everything I could think of to help him get over it. I have reassured him, prayed with him, talked to him. Bought him a weather radio. Finally, I had the idea to give him a camera and have him try to catch some lightening shots. He did better with the videotaping, but I set up my tripod and managed to catch this shot. I was so excited. It is very hard to catch lightening, and this was not on auto. I have been really trying to practice a lot of the things I learned in my photography class.

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