Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Anthropologie Fitting Room Reviews Spring 2012 (MIA)

These reviews are all tops and bottoms. Since I didn't try as many things on as usual, I just broke them up into two segments.

Confab Chinos by Pilcro. Size 28.
I loved these pants! They were soft and comfortable, and I love the great spring color. These also come in neutral colors. They look a little snug on the backside in these photo's, but had a bit of stretch, so I have a feeling they would loosen throughout the day. (Like the Dixie Crops)  Worth a try! Wishlisted!

Eiderdown Loungers by Eloise. Size Small.
There are some beautiful lounge items at Anthro right now. These caught my eye because of the birds, as well as the soft fabric (silk, hand wash). I found them to run slightly big, but this store did not have an x-small to try on. There were only a few left, so I guess I am not the only person who loved them.  Since they are a little finer than my normal loungewear, I am going to wait these out for 2nd cuts- if they make it that far....

Hannelore Loungers by Market. Size X-Small.
I grabbed the x-small in these because I could see how long they were going to be by looking at them. As you can see in the pictures, I look hippy- which I am not, normally. However, they were comfortable and very soft. I just can't bring myself to pay to alter loungewear, so I passed on these. However, tall girls should give them a try. The length was not absurd, just long for me. Perhaps they should come out with more petites in lounge wear.

Honeybee Cargo Shorts by Daughters of the Liberation. Size 4.
These cute shorts went on sale yesterday, and are still available online as of the time of this writing. 
I wanted so badly for these to magically be longer than they are. For some reason, my two favorite retailers Anthro and J. Crew seem to only produce printed shorts in short lengths. The longer shorts are in solids. These shorts are so cute and very flattering, but I am not comfortable with the shortness. I wish they hit somewhere between lower thigh and top of the knee. This is especially disappointing, because I feel like my legs are my best asset. (All that running pays off in that regard.)  These are a pass for me, but I wish they weren't.

Early Daffodils Top by HD in Paris. Size 2.
As you can see from the catalog shot, the colors in this blouse are much more vibrant in real life.  That is what attracted to me to it. This is a flattering fit with the attraction of flowing sleeves along with a fitted shoulder/arm style. It is a peasant blouse perfected. I like the addition of a lace yoke, giving visual interest, as well as a summery feeling.  Wishlisted. (Could be tucked or untucked for various looks.)

Well-Pocketed Skirt by Cartonnier. Size 6.
You can't beat the starting price point on this sweet little skirt. I only saw the yellow in the Aventura store, but the white is also available online. This is fully lined, and fits well. I feel like the puckered waistband highlights my tummy area, which is why I am usually attracted to flat waisted pencil skirts. Great summer color, and really good length. Could be dressed down with a tee, or up with a blouse. Great for layering. Feels definitely like a Spring/Fall weight. Might be too heavy for Summertime.

Madison Shorts by Meadow Rue. Size 4.
This review is pretty much an exact copy of the bee shorts. I love the print, the waistband, the detail, but they are too short for me. This makes me even more sad because I love the name. (For obvious reason, since it is my daughter's name!) I even took these off and studied the cuff to see if there was enough length to take them down longer. Sadly, I have to pass.
Twinkle & Gleam Pullover by Carnation Lily Rose. Size 4.
I absolutely loved this top. It has a lining underneath that keeps the back of the sequins from your skin, so although it is slightly heavy, it is not itchy. I also love the chiffon edge, which has a bit of a shredded look, keeping this from feeling to formal. I just couldn't justify the price tag at full price. Hoping to catch this one on sale.
Ridged Cream Crops by G1 Paperboy. Size 6.
I love what Paperboy brings to Anthro. Interesting bottoms, with great texture or detail. I have several of their pieces, and have always been pleased with the quality. These are no exception. I like the color as well as the subtle texture, and I like the other color offering online. (I didn't see them in person, only this color.) Great fit and comfortable.
Great Outdoors Button-Down. Size 4.
This was an adorable take on a basic button-down, and loving bicycles as much as I do, I could not resist!  If I had not already decided to purchase two dresses, this would have come home with me as well. It is very versatile with other things in my wardrobe, and the fit was very nice on me.

That wraps up my review set! Unfortunately, I think it will be a while before I get to a bricks & mortar location for now. I am all shopped out with the traveling, and have to build my shopping fund back up! I had ordered these two things during the free shipping promo, and they were waiting on the desk when I got back from Miami!
Sagitta Necklace

Bow-Tied Belt
I hope the reviews help. Happy Shopping! (Let me know if you buy any of these. I love to celebrate a shopping trip with friends! :)

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