Saturday, March 17, 2012

Shopping My Closet

In my attempt to edit and re-work my closet, I tried to reach for some items that are less worn. I picked up these pants at the J Crew outlet a couple of years ago, and although they are beautiful and well-made, I rarely wear them.  Last Saturday was a variety show/concert at the kids' high school, and TJ's lovely friend Kalika was participating, so I put this together to attend, then take our kids and Kalika out for dinner afterwards.
Sweater: Thrifted
Shirt: Target
Pants: J Crew(let)
Shoes: Nine West
Necklace: Dillards

I was attempting to show you the light print on the pants, but they didn't show up well in the photographs. Anyway. I am going to try to put more tops with them and wear again. They are comfortable and chic.

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