Monday, March 5, 2012

Thrifting Thursday (Thrifted This Week)

I haven't done a Thrifted Thursday post in a while. But that doesn't mean I have not been thrifting! One of my very best friends is a teachers assistant, and has recently lost more than 50 pounds! I am so proud of her, since I have been her coach and support system (and biggest cheerleader). Because she is still losing weight while working- and taking care of a husband and 5 children, I told her I would hit the thrift stores to help supplement her wardrobe. She hates to shop, plus their extra income goes toward Christian school, and she does not like putting outfits together either. So I GLADLY took on the chore.  I even laid out all the clothing I bought her in outfit sets and took photo's on my phone, then when she received the packages, I texted her the pictures and told her how to wear everything.  They are very basic, so I won't share here, but she was thrilled, and has gotten many compliments. Which have given me many offers to become a personal thrifter. Haha!
Here are some of the things I thrifted this week.
Turquoise printed button-down.
Liz Claiborn

Black & White Striped Button-down.
I wanted to copy this look.
American Living

Cable knit Sweater-Vest

Gold Lurex Cardi Jacket

Cotton Cable-knit Sweater
Banana Republic

Knit Tank

Basic Long Black Cardi

Navy Cardi w/ Black Embroidery, Merino Wool
Banana Republic
In addition to these things, I also thrifted a few things for my kids, a pair of G1 Paperboy wool shorts that I need to dry clean, and a red necklace. I will try to photograph those next week.
Have you been thrifting lately?

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