Friday, March 2, 2012

Anthropologie Fitting Room Reviews Spring 2012 (Tops)

 Wrap Around Blouse by Portrait of a Girl. Size 4.
I think this top may have been reviewed to death, but I wanted to try it on, because I kicked myself for not getting the green version.  I actually like the green one better, since I buy a lot of navy- I think the green would have been more versatile for me.
That being said, this is cute, and I love the contrasting fabric. The fit was perfect, and it is priced right. I just wish there were other colors. Mustard, maybe?

Ramona Henley by Splendid. Size X-Small. Black motif.
As mentioned previously, I love the Splendid arrivals back to Anthropologie, I also mentioned that I need a couple of basics in black and white. This fits the bill and it helped that Jay liked it too. This looks okay in the pictures, but I would size up to buy. I would want it to be roomy and a little loose. It is hard to tell from the pictures, but it has an envelope front, which I like very much. I would consider this in the other colors, but I really like the black. It's classic and priced right.

Tried & True Top by Spendid. Size X-Small. White Motif.
Here is another basic that I would size up on. The fabric is different in the front than in the back, which some reviewers didn't like, but doesn't bother me.  It is soft and easy. Obviously it needs another layer underneath. I am wearing a nude bra, which is fine, but I wouldn't want my tummy showing through this way.

Collared Cowlneck by Bordeaux. Size X-Small. Turquoise motif.
Bordeaux is one of my favorite brands at Anthropologie. One of the reasons being that the blur the line between lounge wear and clothing so well.  My experience with the materials has been great. They wash and dry wonderfully.
This top looked interesting online, but doesn't drape as well in person. This is an X-Small, and I should have tried on the Small. (I was getting a little tired at this point.) The sleeves were a little snug, and thing the drape would have been better if it were a little more loose. The price is right, and I recommend giving it a shot.

Deletta Embroidered Blouse. Size X-Small.
Yet another top that I JUST looked at online, but it is gone from the web site. I have a sneaky suspicion that it is due to the awesome price point. ($58!!!)
I loved this blouse, and it was in my keep pile, but I just loved so many things I had to narrow down. I would still love to add this to my wardrobe. I doubt this will make it to sale. Felt true to size, perfect for spring.

Slubby Boatneck by Splendid. Size X-Small. Green motif.
Yet again, Splendid knocks it out of the park. This will be a hit or miss item for many of you Anthro lovers, but it was a BIG hit for me. This blouse made it to the register with me, but lost out to the Pieced Column dress.  However, looking at the photo's, my husband said, "Why didn't you buy that?!" So he loved it as much as I did.
Some generous friends have offered me their free shipping promo, so this is in my cart ready to go.
Flared bottom, bright colors, interesting stripe. It's all a win.

Pilcro Lace Collar Tee. Size Small.
Another one that seems gone, due to a great price. ($58)
This one fit well, but just did not feel "me" when I got it on. It's cute, but just blah.

Other Fields Buttondown by Tiny. Size X-Small.
I missed out on the Catalpa Buttondown, which I tried to track down in stores, but was unable to find, so I thought this would be a good replacement, but I didn't love it. The front is very sheer, and layering a tank would lose the v-neck effect. The fit was fine, but the sheerness made me want to get it off quickly.

Shawl-Collar Boatneck by Bordeaux. Size Small. Orange Motif.
Other than needing to size down one size, I really liked this. Once again, Bordeaux gives us lounge/everyday wear. This would be a perfect go-to item with jeans and tennies or jeans and heels. Great colors to chose from, and priced right.

Farren Blouse by Leifnotes. Size 4.
This is like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The fabric is thin and soft, but the beading is HEAVY and pulls the front down.  I picked the right size for blousy effect. The color is to DIE for! Trying this on made me realize that I need too look for something else this color. Also, the reason Maddie and I are laughing in these few pictures, is because the back is missing out of this blouse, and the front is missing out of the next one. Can we merge the two?  Layering is a must.

Flared Ancora Blouse by HD in Paris. Size 0.
Oops! I picked up a size 0, because the tag reads like a Euro tag. However, the 0 and the 4 (seen below) fit exactly the same! This is a cute structured blouse (not a tee), with an envelope front. The front is not closed up, so again, layering is a must. There is a faint polka dot print on this.  In my opinion, this would look best sized up and put over another top. This has a loose waist, but is very short. Great price.

This wraps up my review sets. Sorry it took me so long to get them all done, but I hope they are helpful.
I am working on a post to analyze some issues with Anthropologie as a company, so look for that coming up.

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