Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Anthropologie Fitting Room Reviews Spring 2012 (Sweaters)

Up next are sweaters. FYI, I put my own jeans back on at this point. (AG Farrah Skinny)

Dawes Cardigan by Bordeaux. Size X-Small. Black Motif.
This card was high on my radar before I visited the store, so I was excited to find the black in my size- since that was the only color I was interested in.  The fit is perfect, and the style is a twist on a basic neutral. Super soft and comfy, I loved it the minute I got it buttoned up. This came home with me.

Highlighted Frequencies Cardigan by Tabitha. Size Small.
I showed all of my photographs to my husband, and his favorite things were this sweater, the Agave Burst Dress and the Coya Slip dress.
This sweater is really cute and comfortable in real life, more so than in the product shots, in my opinion. I wish there were some dimension to it, in addition to the pattern, like a row of beading or some addition to the front. But a cute pin could remedy that. I will be watching this one for sale.

Knitted & Knotted Cardigan. Size Small.
Well, I guess I need to really make sure I get my reviews done as soon as I get home, because I just looked at this sweater, but now I can't find it on the web site.  This has beautiful lace detail cutouts, and is a heavier sweater. Priced right, but the fit was a little funny. The waist was a little tighter, causing it to blouse when left open, rather than lay flat. Surprising, considering all of the baggy sweaters we have seen lately. Gorgeous color!

Persian Violet Pullover by Knitted & Knotted. Size X-Small.
Well, here we have another sweater by K&K, and a bit of a frustrating situation...
I came in the store wearing my Contoured Crewneck, and one of the SA's complimented me on it, within the hearing of a shopper who asked if they were still available. Me and my big mouth, I said no, but there were a few of them, and one of them I was planning to try on. This one. Sure enough, she went right over to them and bought the last size small. (As she walked by me, she said, "Oh, I am getting the small, you need an extra small anyway..." Grrr...) So that left me with an X-Small and a Medium.
This is a GORGEOUS sweater, and K&K is proof positive that you can make beautiful, interesting clothing at a decent price point.
This feels substantial, and the detail edge has texture. I can't wait to own this. Even my husband liked it. He said, "Oh, that looks like you."
X-Small looks fine, but was not comfy. (See Med. below)

Size Medium. This was just a smidge too big. So I know for sure Small is the right way to go. Wishlist for sale time!

Micro-Striped Cardigan by Splendid. Size X-Small. Yellow Motif.
This adorable cardi was in my purchase pile, but didn't make the cut at the register. (I was waffling about the Pieced Column Dress.) I really like this cardi. It is loose and comfortable, but the weave is open, so it would be great for spring/summer. I really like the color as well, which is different for me. I don't usually go for yellow because of my hair. This comes in a couple of other colors, but I will stick with the yellow. My daughter told me to wait until it goes on sale.
Side note: I am thrilled to see more Splendid pieces back at Anthro.

Traveling Stripes Cardigan by Sparrow. Size X-Small.
This is another one that Jay liked. It is cute, and I love the color combo, but front puzzled me- until I finally realized that it is different on one side than the other.  I want this, but I wonder if I would be fidgety the whole time. Will reconsider at sale.

Ruffled Horizon Pullover by Charlie & Robin. Size Small.
This sweater made it to sale after I tried it on. In my opinion, it runs small. It was short too, as I found myself pulling down on it.  This one is not for me.

Lace Medallion Tank by Baraschi. Size Small.
This was small in the chest and loose in the shoulders. I loved the color. This priced perfectly, but sheer, so it needs a fitted tank. The lace seems rather delicate, so be careful with this one.

Anything you see and like?

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  1. I love the cardi that you bought. I need to try it on too. Great reviews! Thank you so much!