Sunday, February 12, 2012

Thoughts on Blogging

I love blogging. I love the creative outlet, and the accountability it provides in sticking to interesting outfit combo's, and the push to re-mix my wardrobe. Since this is essentially a fashion blog, I try to stick pretty close to that.  However, my life is not hugely made up of fashion stuff, so I also write about things I am thinking about and sometimes, about my family.
Dress: Anthropologie Shimmer Stripes Sweaterdress
Sweater: Anthropologie Arched Pleats Pullover
Belt: Anthropologie Macadam Belt (backward)
Tights: Lands End
Boots: Target Kachiri
Necklace: Gift from children
Bracelets: Tiffany & Co.

I lost a reader today. I don't take it personally, since I have lost and gained readers before, but it did get me wondering....
What makes you open up a blog? What keeps you reading? In other words, what content are you looking for?  I try to keep a balance of writing about what is important to me, while respecting the opinions and ideas of my readers.
When I read a blog, I am drawn to a witty writing style, useful information, and great pictures. Not all of my blog roll provides all three, sometimes it is just one at a time. I love to read about people who are genuine and warm, which is one of the most interesting side notes of blogging. I have been able to meet some amazing women I would never have been able to come into contact with in life.
What are your thoughts?

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