Friday, February 10, 2012

Family Time

Just popping in to share some rare family photo's with you. Since this is a fashion blog, and I know that many people don't come to read about my family, I rarely share kid photo's with you, but I just had to brag a little.
My son TJ, who graduates this year is wrapping up his high school wrestling career, and last night was the last home match.  I am so proud of the son who changed my life, and am sad to see him leave our nest, but so excited for what God has in store for him.  Here are a few recent photographs:

Me and Cory (16) last Sunday

With glasses on for Grandma.

Me with TJ (left) and Cory, to show Grandma how tall they are getting.

Of course Madison had to sneak in.

I adore these two boys!

Last nights win over McPherson (No.2 in the state)

Mamma's big senior.

I didn't cry, but I could cry now looking at him!

TJ with his proud Dad.

Balloon bouquet from Nana and PawPaw,
who wanted so much to be here.

Pictures from last weekend's tournament.

I love this one: looking at coach for what to do next.

Thanks for letting me brag a little....
Happy Weekend, Girls!
Edit: Found this today while trying to upload photo's to the team Shutterfly site. It makes me laugh, because: 1. I didn't know anyone was watching. 2. I didn't realize that I look like I am in so much pain while watching my sons wrestle. 3. It pretty much sums up every Saturday since last October, sitting at the edge of various wrestling mats...

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