Sunday, January 8, 2012

Have You Seen Me? (Anthro Arrivals)

I love these new arrivals on the Anthropologie web site. If any of you other Anthro lovers have seen them, can you weigh in?  We decided not to go to Kansas City to shop on New Years Eve- as we had planned to do. We were so tired and spent out from my whole family being here, that we thought we would just save money and try to rest up as well. Jay and I go to Miami at the end of March, so I think I might just save my slush fund to have shopping money on that trip.  Although... We are tossing around the idea of driving down to Oklahoma City at the end of the month to see the new Anthropologie opening (which I STILL have not received an invitation to...), and make a couple of returns.  Any way, there are some new things that I would love to try on, but still nothing that makes this Anthro-girl's heart pitter-patter too much.
Ribbon Grass Dress

Sweet Enticement Dress

Lace Medallions Tank

Vesta Chemise

Anna Ballet Flats
Those flats? Seriously. I die.  They are SO swoon-worthy.
I also tried on an adorable polka-dot pencil skirt at Banana Republic this week that I loved. But they only had a 2 & 6, no 4 and I would like to compare the fit, since I have already had some success dropping those Christmas pounds. The 6 fit, but felt like it might slide around a little. I will try to get the image soon, but don't see it online as of yet.

Since I took advantage of the fabulous pre-Christmas sales, plus getting some nice goodies for Christmas, I really do not need anything. And I have the perfect reason to save my money. Travel!

What do you have your eye on?

Family Side Note: My son got an acceptance letter to Kansas State today! We are thrilled. Please pray for us as we help guide him in his future decisions.

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