Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2011 Re-Cap Post (Not Your Mother's Recap)

When I started preparing for this post, I took a look back over the blog, starting in January. What I saw there surprised me a little. I had planned to write a Hits/Misses post, using different outfits from the past year.  What I noticed, though, is that I had quite a few misses, and a lot more closet staples I would consider the "workhorse" of my wardrobe.  The other thing I noticed, is that I was a lot more lighthearted and sarcastic earlier in the year. I don't know what changed my writing, but I suspect the move and the stress of supporting my husband in said change has just made me a little more heavy hearted.  I don't feel like a different person in many ways, except that I feel stronger, more able to handle difficult situations, and willing to change than ever. I am so proud of my husband, and his strong work ethic (a trait I can only attribute to my amazing mother in law), but the past year has brought a lot of change.  Some of it amazingly good, and others very difficult.  This period of time from June to now- and even to the coming June is the longest I have ever been away from home.  We fly home at the end of May for my sister in law's wedding, and the kids and I plan to stay home for a month, so it is exciting to have that to look forward to.
What does all this mean?  Well, I am always analyzing, editing, and thinking about new ideas. (Can you tell I have been accused of being an "over-analyzer"?) I want to get back to a lighter way of writing, as well as adding more food for thought.  This is a fashion blog, and I DO love me some fashion, but there is much more to me than the surface.  I also plan to focus a lot on more ways to wear the same item.  Perhaps a "One outfit 3 ways" series.  I know that is one of my favorite things to see in other blogs, so I would like to give that a try. What do you think?
In addition to these things, I plan to hit the work-outs pretty hard.  I have already started back to my clean eating, and adding to my regular runs.  I am looking for a marathon to sign up for, as that really helps with my accountability. I feel better, and look better when I am running and lifting weights.  I came across this great article about the importance of weight lifting, so that is something I am going to work harder on.
Now! On to the fun stuff. While looking back over my outfit photo's, I noticed a few pieces that I tend to use over and over. So I decided to focus on that.
First up, the Button-down.
Brooks Brothers button-down.

J Crew Perfect Buffalo check

Mossimo Chambray stripe, via Target

Mossimo Chambray, Target

J Crew Perfect Shirt, buffalo check
This was one of my favorite outfits of the year. I have not regretted this skirt purchase one bit.

J Crew Tartan plaid

J Crew button-down, thrifted

Izod button-down, thrifted

J Crew Perfect Shirt, buffalo check

Brooks Brothers button-down, thrifted
Believe it or not, I had many more, but this should just give you an idea.  I really embraced the button-downs, from everything to solo and layering uses.  Aside from the versatility of them, they are also one of the easiest things to find at the thrift store. My blue and white stripe Brooks Brothers was thrifted for pennies, and I treat it as a staple and wear it every week, in some form or fashion. It washes beautifully, and goes with everything. As you can see, many times over the past year I treated patterns as a neutral. Since I don't like "normal" anyway, it works for me.  I love pattern mixing.
Another thing I used a ton this year was belts, almost all thrifted.

Just a couple of years ago, I only owned 3 belts. Now, thanks to thrifting, and a few choice Anthropologie sales, I have two belt racks overflowing. Again, there were many more pictures, but as you can see, belts can take an outfit to the next level.
I would say my third closet staple are neutral shoes. I have really tried to embrace that more, realizing that not every piece of an outfit needs to be stand-out.
I walked all over NYC in my Sperry Top-Siders.
Within the lines heels, Anthro

Nine West Nuncio pump

Stacked Strap Heel, Anthr
My favorite shoe purchase, by far.

As you can see, it was a full year of fashion for me, but for the coming year, I want to focus and direct this blog in a clearer way.
What is your favorite closet staple? The "thing" you reach for most often?
What are your suggestions for cleaning up the blog and editing content?

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