Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thrifting Thursday- Thrifted This Week

You guys, I could HARDLY wait to share with you what I thrifted this week!
I drove up to Newton, about 15 minutes North of where I live, and hit a nice thrift store I have scored great vintage fabrics at before. I had no expectation of hitting the jackpot, just thought I would look for dishes, fabric, etc...
Then I found this:
Floreat Lost Time Skirt

Skirt (clipped to
In like-new condition! The only problem is, it is a size 12. So I need to decide whether to sell it or have it altered to fit me.  Do any of you have this? I have stalked it forever!
I also found a cute vintage sweater, a handmade woven bag, a Lil top (also Anthro), and some platters for Christmas.  The skirt was my find of the week.
I have also had tons of fun scouting out non-maternity, maternity wear for Heidi of Heidi-lux. You will love her guest post coming soon.

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