Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Saturday Date Night

I put this idea together a while back, but only on a hanger and just had the chance to wear it this weekend. It was comfy and I felt confident and cute. I am sorry my pictures are not better. I did not ask my daughter to take any, and my sons had friends over, so I didn't want to embarrass them by setting up the tripod....

I will try this again another time and take better pictures! :)
We went to an amazing Mediterranean restaurant, then to see Tower Heist. It was hilarious. I love the combo of actors in it.  There was quite a bit of foul language, and I find that to be distasteful, but the plot was good and it was well-written.
Have you seen any good movies lately?  We can't WAIT for the second Sherlock Holmes movie to come out. Jay and I are taking our teenagers out on a date the day it opens.  Plus, Zach wants to see the second Happy Feet movie. (Have I mentioned I LOVE penguins?!)

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