Saturday, November 19, 2011

Pin-mitation Friday (Hey, Only One Day Late!)

I flaked out and completely forgot that yesterday was Friday, and I had done imitation photo's this week. Never mind that I didn't actually wear it anywhere (we'll get to that later).
I picked up my younger kids from school and took them straight to the movie theatre to see Happy Feet 2.  We loved it. They definitely had an agenda with this one (as in the last one) about global warming, but it was still funny, and the music was great! I adore anything penguins. The penguin who stole the show was one of the baby penguins named "Atticus", played by Benjamin Flores Jr, I loved his voice, and hope to see this little boy get more roles.
Wednesday, I took my kids to school, then came back and ate my breakfast, straightened up the house and called my Grandma to see if she wanted to have lunch.  I wanted to re-create a Pinterest find, so I put this together:
Pinterest Look

My Look

I used a J Crew shirt I had thrifted a while back, along with an old F21 sweater, and my Gap boot cut jeans. Overall, I like the Pinterest look better, but I don't have a tie blouse, or a sweater that color, so I have been keeping an eye out for those things.
When I stepped outside to take these photo's, the temperature had dropped, so I went back in and put on long sleeves and a sweater. It ended up dropping flurries all day!  I will have to try this one again!
Shirt: J Crew, thrifted
Sweater: F21, old
Jeans: Gap Boot-cut, free!
Belt: J Crew
Shoes: Anthropologie Trinket Flats
Earrings: Thrifted

Madison says I look mad. This must be the look I give my kids?
I plan to spend the day planning for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  With all my family coming in to stay with me on the 20th of December, I hope to have my act together and have a stress-free Christmas, a la Clark Griswold? :)
I usually spend the Wednesday before Thanksgiving with my sister. She comes over and we bake pies and set up for Thanksgiving dinner, but since I won't be with her this year, Madison is going to be my little buddy. I hope she follows instructions as well as my sister, I tend to turn into a drill sergeant, when I want everything to be perfect.
What have you done to prepare for the upcoming holidays?

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